10 Best Unknown Adventurous Vacation Spot


10 Best Unknown Adventurous Vacation Spot


Gorgeous landscapes, stunning old towns, beautiful sea and finger licking good food…. almost everyone who love traveling wants to visit Tahiti, Hawaii, Paris and other similar places; but today’s well-heeled vacationers want to visit unknown vacation spots and want to indulge in off-the-beaten path adventure.

Exotic and far-flung vacation spots allow travelers to enjoy natural and pristine beauty of a place and extol the wilderness. Moreover, there are a number of high-end tour companies that are creating trips to various unknown locations in order to feed the increasing appetite of these travelers for the unknown. The article discusses some excellent and under-traveled locations including exotic art centers to beach and sun destinations.


Croatia is an ancient city perched on the fringe of Adriatic. An excellent destination for travelers who are looking for something fresh and pristine, Croatia makes it to the list of top 10 unknown vacation spots. Favorable location makes the place excellent for scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing and enjoying other water sports. For those seeking an unknown yet relaxed trip, there are plenty of restaurants, hotels and historic sites in Croatia.

Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands is not only an unknown location sport, it is also a UNESCO world heritage site. The island is a great vacation spot for those who love exploring unique flora and fauna. Because this island is a little-known vacation spot, there is no hotel or resort on the island.

Travelers wanting to visit the island can either hike through the Volcanoes Avenue and experience the beauty of this island or if money is not a problem, charter a boat and go for deep sea fishing or scuba trips. Those visitors who love watching trails and natural beauty of the island can do so by hiring a bike or by roaming around on foot.


One of a kind combination of modern culture and ancient history, Iceland is another unknown vacation spot, ideal for vacationers who are seeking adventure. Full of hot water springs, mud pools, glaciers, waterfalls, and geysers, Iceland is quite popular with those who love cycling and hiking.

With lowest operation density in the world, Iceland welcomes a number of enthusiasts, photographers and artists every year. Summers in Iceland are quite warm and comfortable, making this place an ideal vacation spot for those seeking unknown or little-known vacation spot.


One of the favorite destinations for honeymooners and those seeking the summer break, a major part of Mexico still remains undiscovered. The place is perfect for surfing and wild parties. However, if you belong to a group that is seeking adventure in Mexico, do make it to Chihuahua City. It is one of the most amazing cave systems present in the world.

Easter Island

Easter Island, South Pacific is quite easily accessible from Santiago by a direct flight. Easter Island is essentially a volcanic island that has a population of less than 2500 people. Moai is a must visit tourist destination here and is known for 13-foot tall monoliths that are beautifully carved out of stone and resemble human heads. This exceptional work of art belongs to 4000 A.D. The purpose behind creation of these monoliths is unknown but it is definitely one spot that is quite unknown and should be visited by vacationers who are looking for off-the-beaten track vacation spots.

Faroe Islands

Located between Norway and Iceland, Faroe Islands is an archipelago and contains 18 small Islets. The vacation spot is only accessible by plane but it is an excellent place for those who are looking for destinations which are undiscovered and free from city hustle. Faroe Islands offers a mild and soothing climate and its shoreline is a stunning combination of volcanic cliffs and crystal-clear water. Faroe Islands is an excellent vacation spot for those who love to watch flora and fauna. Birdwatchers can find more than 300 unique bird species at the island.

Machu Picchu

Easily accessible from city of Cuzco, Machu Picchu is an island located near south central Peru. Ruins of Machu Picchu are a must watch. These ruins were discovered in the year 1911. These ruins are present on the Andes Mountains and known to be the remains of 1200 homes which were present here. Although local guides are available easily, but if you prefer staying unescorted, you can catch a bus from Aguas Calientes and then hike to the ruins directly.


An unique amalgamation of ancient culture and history, Tibet is quite a fascinating destination present on the earth. Direct flights to Tibet are unavailable and therefore the best way to enter the country is through China. You may also fly to Beijing from US and then move to Lhasa Gonggar from where you can easily rent a car and reach the city.

The Himalayan backdrop and lush green scenery adds to the attractions present here. Some sites even date back to seventh century. There is so much to see and do in Tibet that even those who have travel around the world will find a lot of interesting things here. Do make it to the Yarlung Valley. It’s a beautiful place known for its ancient temples, caves and monasteries.

Chumbe Island

Located off the Zanzibar coast, Chumbe Island is a privately-owned island that is well-known for its large coral reef and dedication to ecology. Although getting to Chumbe Island is not easy, but if you are ready to take a long flight that haults twice, once at London and then in Nairobi, you will reach this eco-tourism destination easily. Nature is at its best here. You can indulge in snorkeling, scuba diving and observe the beautiful reefs. The only accommodation available here are 7 beachfront thatches.

Island Of Lamu

10 Best Unknown Adventurous Vacation Spot

Island of Lamu, Kenya allows tourist to enjoy the charm of the bygone era. A town dedicated to Swahili culture is a perfect escape for those who love to travel to those places that are unknown. Lamu displays countless relics dating back to the Middle Ages. Everything in Lamu runs at its own calm pace. It is a town where you will not be able to find any cars, traffic or horns. Doney is still used as the only means of transport here. Lamu is also known for its relaxing atmosphere and panoramic beauty.


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