10 Healthy Nutrition Tips


10 Healthy Nutrition Tips


It is very appropriate to say that one of the greatest pleasures of life is eating. Many foods and many ways are there to build a healthy diet. There exist a number of healthy and smart choices.  Priority in our life should be given to find out time for buying the ingredients and cooking a meal that is healthy. Some healthy nutrition tips for improving our health and fitness are-

1. Food in take should be regularized in frequent intervals like 3-4 hours a day in order to fuel ones metabolism and to keep away from some of the diseases like diabetic and other stomach related issues.

2. Preferences are to be given for vegetables especially leafy vegetables and fruits and other fiber rich foods. Leafy vegetables are rich in proteins and iron, which is a better cure for stomach upset and disorder.

3.  Discard processed bleached and sugary loaded foods. Soft drinks and juices and bottles of iced tea loaded with high fructose corn syrup should be kept away for our routine daily food.

4.  Drinking of calorie free beverages like water and green tea.

5.  Unheated, healthy oils should be used in our foods. Use coconut oil and olive oils for cooking.

6. Avoid all fast foods and fried foods. Fresh food would give good result and it is a healthy diet.

7. Meals that are high in carbs and fat should be avoided.

8. For a healthy heart the required sodium is 2400 milligrams per day and the salt contents should be one teaspoon per day. It is desirable to add only such quantities in our daily and routine food.

9. If all one is going in for alcoholic beverages, it should be limited to one drink per day only.

10. If fat loss is to be made easier then make sure you start your metabolism off on the right foot and start the day with a break fast.

Having a healthy diet is sometimes easier said than done.It is tempting to turn to less healthy food choices because they might be easy to get or prepare, or they satisfy a craving. But it isn’t hard to make simple changes to improve your diet. A little learning and planning can help you to find a diet to fit your lifestyle, and maybe you can have some fun in the process.


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