5 Best Disney Hotels & Resorts


5 Best Disney Hotels & Resorts


Disney Hotels are the best places to stay while at the Disney World. That is the only way in which one can truly enjoy the Disney World from dawn to dusk. But everybody has a budget and in the true Disney tradition, everybody has a place to stay, whatever be the budget.

While there are the luxury villas available for the ones who want to splurge on the best of accommodations there are also budget hotels, which the Disney authorities named ‘Value’ hotels, for those who do not want such extravagance. In these budget hotels too the strain of Disney theme locations continues.

1. Disney’s Pop Century Resort

The Pop Century Resort takes back one by almost half a century with its giant icons representing the prevalent popular culture from the 50s right through to the 90s. These include everything from gizmos and gadgets to toys, movies, music and even the catch phrases that emerged in this period. One of the largest hotels in USA, the Pop Century resort is characterized by its whimsical décor of each of the 10 brightly colored, four-story buildings that house the 2880 guest rooms.

These buildings are all trimmed with various catch phrases of the time. The decades of the half-century is represented in the different sections of the hotel. The three pools of the hotel are shaped like a flower, a bowling pin and a computer monitor and there is also a special Goofy Kiddie Spray Area for the young ones. Everything Pop Shopping and Dining area is a great place to pick up Disney memorabilia before and after dining. There are 7 outlets where one can choose from waffles, pasta, salads, etc.

Nearby Areas of interest

Epcot theme park, Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park, Disney’s Broadwalk area, ESPN Wide World of Sports complex.

2. Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort

Disney’s All-Star Movies resort is another Disney Value Hotel that celebrates the classic Disney and Disney Pixar movies, The Love Bug, Toy Story, One Hundred and One Dalmatians, Fantasia and the Mighty Duck. There are 5 pairs of 3 story buildings dedicated to each of these movies. Each building features some indications from the movies like the building with the Toy Story theme has a 27 feet tall bucket full of toy soldiers, a 30 feet Woody and a 47 feet Buzz Lightyear.

Keeping with the theme the central building has been named Cinema Hall and the food court World Premiere. The food court resembles a grand movie theater lobby and serves everything American, from omelets to pasta. The activities arcade is called Reel Fun. The resort has two pools, the bigger one at Fantasia is themed on The Sorcerers Apprentice and the smaller one is designed like a hockey rink after the Mighty Ducks. Babysitting is available at the resort. One can also get hot pizzas delivered right at the guestrooms of the resort. This is a feature of every All-Star Resorts.

Nearby Areas of interest

Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park and ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

3. Disney’s All-Star Music Resort

Disney’s musicals and music have always been hits. Now Disney pays tributes to the most popular genres of music with its All-Star Music resort. There are 5 pairs of three storied buildings dedicated to popular music like Rock n’ Roll, Jazz, Calypso, Country and Broadway Show Tunes. Each of these buildings feature a giant musical instrument representing each genre. This resort can be the choice of large families as this is the only resort offering family suites under the ‘Value Resorts’ category.

Each of these rooms can sleep 6 persons. Central building is called Melody Hall and the food court is called Intermission. Here one can choose from a wide range of food from French toast to sandwiches, quesadillas and pizzas. Here again there is a choice of two pools, the bigger one at Calypso is shaped like a guitar and the smaller one shaped like a grand piano. There is a colorful fountain at the Calypso pool and it depicts the Three Caballeros and one of them is Donald Duck. Maestro Mickey’s is the souvenir shop.

Nearby Areas of interest

Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park and ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

4. Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort

This is in line with the two other Disney All-Star Resorts and like them it too includes 5 pairs of three storied buildings. But this time the theme is sports and the resort pays tribute to five of the most popular sports in USA – basketball, baseball, football, surfing and tennis. Accordingly the sections are named Hoops Hotel, Home Run Hotel, Touchdown, Surf’s Up and Center Court. One checks in at the Stadium Hall, the central lobby and can fill up at the End Zone food court which is decorated with innumerable sporting memorabilia.

Game Point is the gaming arcade. If one wants to splash around one can dip in any of the two pools, the bigger beach themed Surfboard Bay pool and the smaller Grand Slam Pool which is shaped like a baseball diamond. Goofy stands at the pitchers mound in the pool and squirts water at the splashing guests.

Like the other two All-Star resorts, here too the nearby areas of interest are the Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park and ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

5. Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

This resort is yet to open and that will make it the youngest and latest in the line of Disney Value resorts. The resort will be themed around Disney’s most popular animated classics, the Lion King and The Little Mermaid and Disney-Pixar’s Finding Nemo and Cars. It is scheduled to open in the summer of 2012 and the booking dates are yet to be announced. The Little Mermaid Building will have 864 rooms and all of them will be inspired by sea. The other three are to be family-suite-only buildings with each suite accommodating 6 people.

There will be 1120 family suites in total and each one will feature 2 separate bathrooms, one master bedroom and three sleeping areas in the living space. This part will have a newly developed piece of furniture called the ‘inovabed’ which transforms from a dining or work table to a comfortable bed within seconds. The other areas will be in line with the other Disney Value Resorts.


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