Airline Pet Travel


Airline Pet Travel


Traveling with pets or transporting them in an air cargo is only possible if you have planned ahead and have all information regarding the same. Even under the best of conditions, pets can face difficulty in air travel. It is important that you speak your veterinarian and before you actually transport your pet through air cargo.

This should be done with a motive of making sure that your pet stays stable and healthy and not just to satisfy official airline regulations. The stress that your pet will face because of separations from surroundings and humans can make him unstable.

Federal rules have made it a necessity for airlines that they provide public information about the number of animals killed or injured on the flight. A lot of airlines in past did not make it public about the casualties and reported deaths but now it is important that they provide full information. There are a lot of airlines who refuse to allow pets as baggage. This is because, there is always the possibility of heat which will be crammed in the cargo holds. This can only be disadvantages of the pets.

There are a lot of airlines which allow pets to travel as cargo during the certain seasons. If your pet is more than 15 to 20 pounds, it can be checked as baggage and sent his cargo. Most of the airlines have 100 pound weight limit whether it is a carrier for animals.

Make sure that you have the most updated information about the airline that you’re using to transport your pet. There are a lot of airlines which may allow the pets to be kept in cabin even if they are checked as baggage but other airlines allow pets only as cargo.

Airline Pet Travel

A number of airlines have special cabins in their domestic flights in cargo planes which is used only for transporting pets. Different airlines have different services and before choosing one it is important that you have all information regarding reservations and rules of that particular airline.

You’ll have to show a healthcare certificate with immunization proofs and most airlines require a certificate that is the issued not more than seven days before the pet’s departure. According to USDA, you must give your pet food and water at least for hours before you check in the airport.



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