Altinkum Travel Guide & Attractions

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Altinkum Travel Guide & Attractions


Ones looking for a laid-back and relaxed beach holiday for the next summer can very well consider the small town of Altinkum in Turkey. Located at the Aegean shores of the country, this place is perfect for a quiet holiday experience among the white sand beaches the place is full of.

At the same time, as the place lies at a distance from the heart of Turkey, the traditional way of living is still being followed around the villages of the place. So it is a good opportunity too to familiarise yourself with the traditional Turkish way of life.

That however hardly means that you will be far from the modern day amenities and facilities other resort and beach destinations are able to offer you. In fact, the recently built Altinkum Marina is a superb beach resort, as it ought to be when you consider the construction price was $55 million, and here you can have your fix of luxurious experiences to your heart’s content.

The place comes with small golf course and a state of the art spa and fitness centre. So ones who are not looking to get much laid-back, can avail the facilities offered.

Ones with a sense of aesthetic may however say that the best attraction of the marina is the exotic flower garden that surrounds the place. And well, after you had a look at that festival of colours, you will know that only the philistines will differ!

For ones visiting with kids, Altinkum’s aqua park is a special attraction. The place has loads of fun water games and kids and adults alike will love those sessions of water frolics.

One should also never miss the Apollo Temple in Altinkum. Made in the 304 BD, this temple is a glorious example of ancient Turkish architecture.

And while you are in Altinkum, make a point to dine out. The onsite restaurants are fine, but you will find the best dining options in individual eateries scattered across the town.

Furthermore try to go to one of those family-run restaurants if you are in a mind to try out traditional Turkish dishes. Many of the restaurants offer free cab service from hotel to their place, so that is an added advantage.

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