Anti-Aging Diet Plan


Anti-Aging Diet Plan


How ever miserable may be our life we all love to live longer. If we are fortunate enough, we can live an extra span of time by being healthy. And Good health depends largely upon the food we eat. This lead to the development of the phrase anti-aging diet.  Anti-aging diet is that which can help replace the millions of cells that die regularly in our body. The health of these regenerated cells decides life-span of a man.

Over the years, studies have shown that certain foods can slow down the process of aging along with right kind of exercises.  Generally, an anti-aging diet should not contain much calorie and saturated fat.  One of the model diet for a prolonged life span should contain the following items.  Along with their names you can read how  they help us in this regard.

• Avocado: With its high vitamin E content it helps in maintaining your skin young.  The potassium it gives us normalizes blood pressure. And the level of cholesterol in blood is kept under check by the monounsaturated fat it contains.

• Berries:  Most of the berries and certain grapes contain flavonoids, and anti-oxidant capable of fighting radicals causing aging.

• Cruciferous vegetables:  They help our body to fight certain cancers and toxins.

• Garlic: Garlic’s cardioprotective effect is helpful in reducing the chance of heart diseases.  They also help in reducing the cholesterol  level  in blood.

• Ginger:  Ginger is a friend of old people.  It can improve circulatory and digestive systems.  This is helpful in treating certain rheumatisms also.

Nuts: Nuts are unavoidable in an anti-aging diet. They are rich in minerals, potassium, iron, magnesium , zinc, etc.  And adding nuts to your diet will enhance your immune system leading to a prolonged life.

•  Soya: Soy properties help in fighting the usual lose of momory due to aging.

• Rice and Meal Pasta:  The complex carbohydrate content in them maintains an uninterrupted supply of energy from morn to night. Include them in your diet.

Watermelon: the nutritious watermelon with its high vitamin A, B, C content helps fight free radicals.

Water: Finally,  Drink not less than eight glasses of pure water a day. Water helps in removing the wastes from the body.  Again it’s much needed for keeping your skin young and glossy.

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