Arezzo, Italy Travel Guide


Arezzo, Italy Travel Guide


Arezzo is one of cities of Italy that has got ancient historical background. Arezzo had suffered during the time of the Second World War. Generally Arezzo is considered as a day trip destination from Florence by the general tourists.

Arezzo is more popular because this very city was the backdrop of Oscar-winning movie La Vita e Belle. Arezzo supported the Ghibelline cause during the clash between the Emperor and the Pope. Later in the year 1384 Florence took control over the city. Arezzo is the birth place of the great sonnet writer Petrach. Petrach actually popularised this form of poetry. Arezzo is also the home of famous Renaissance painter Giorgio Vassari.

Attractions: There are several things to see in Arezzo. Arezzo Cathedral was made between 13th and 15th century. This is situated on the top of a hill. Here one can see the beautiful fresco named ‘Mary Magdalene’ by Piero della Francesca. Apart from that there are several frescoes, paintings, images that have adorned the Cathedral.

Arezzo, Italy Travel Guide

One should not miss to see the Chiesa di San Domenico. The facade is quite unusual and there is also on the altar a different representation of the ‘crucifixion’. It is said that this was painted in the year 1265. Here one can see two nice frescoes done by Spinello Aretino. Chiesa di San Francesco was built in the 14th century. Coming here one can perceive the stunning fresco of Piero della Francesca entitled ‘The legend of the true cross’.

It actually reveals the story of the cross on which Christ was crucified. This awesome fresco has actually added beauty to Chiesa di San Francesco. Casa di Petrarca is the great poet Petrach’s ancient house.

There is a small museum for the tourists to see and also an institute which is actually works on Petrach. To visit this place one need to have proper appointment and booking. Casa di Vassari is the home of the Renaissance painter.

This home was made and designed by the great architect himself. There are several museums in Arezzo. Museo Statale d’Arte Medievale e Moderna displays mainly works of the local artists. Here one can see paintings, sculptures, terracotta pieces and many other things.


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