Seductive Asian Hair styles

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Asian hair styles are considered to be seductive, sassy and slick. Most Asian women have sharp features and their straight, sleek and silky tresses make the look gorgeous. Some women also have curls or wavy tresses. In the past few years Asian hairstyles have gained immense popularity with the rising fame of celebrities like former Miss World Aishwarya Rai, Shilpa Shetty of Big Brother fame and Lucy Liu who starred in Charlie’s Angels. Most westerners view Asian hairstyles as sleek, seductive and beautiful.

Characteristics of Asian hair styles:

Asian hair is harder then other hair types and weighs down easily. In most cases it is resistant to the curling iron and few Asian women need flat irons or straighteners. Most Asian hairdos are simple and natural. But, with changing trends and techniques, Asian women too want to experiment with different hairstyles. They are all set for getting romantic curls and wispy waves. Perming irons, hot rollers and crimpers are becoming popular hair styling tools in Asian markets.

Trendy Asian Hair styles:

Straight Long cut: In this hairstyle the hair is trimmed at the bottom in an even length and the tresses are left open after brushing them and drying them with a blow drier. You can also part your hair from the centre or side to enhance your facial cut. Adding bangs emphasizes the eyes and forehead in this style.





Sexy curls: This hairstyle looks great for all occasions and can be created on any length of hair below the shoulder level. Wash and dry your hair thoroughly. Then split your tresses in a middle or side parting. Take few strands and set it on rollers. You can also blow dry your hair if you are looking to set it quickly. Open the rollers and you are all set to twirl. You can finish styling your hair by spraying a fine styling spray so that the curls retain their shape for the longest period of time.




Hair claw up-do: This style looks great if you are looking to go for a formal occasion. It is also a wonderful hairdo for all weather conditions and tends to set your features apart. Grab all your hair and twist up and secure with a hair claw. If you have very long tresses, you can also curl them or crimp them depending upon your preference.

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