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Evening elegant hairstyles have been designed for special occasions such as formal dinners, cocktail parties and weddings. Everyone wishes to flaunt a hairstyle that enhances their good looks and personality. Simple hairstyles too can be made to look elegant and sophisticated when adorned with the right accessories.

If you are dressing up for a particular occasion, you need to consult a professional hairstylist who will help you select the best hairdo based on your facial cut, hair type and dress. Most evening elegant hairstyles comprise of sassy up-dos but you can look gorgeous even in soft wispy waves and layered hairstyles of various lengths.

Different evening elegant hairstyles:

Classic bun: This is also known as the chignon and is a timeless up-do. It is very simple to make. All one has to do is pull back all the hair, twist it up and then secure it at the top with bobby pins.





French twists: French twists are beautiful rolls of hair that create an elegant, sleek appearance. French twists involve creating a low ponytail without securing it with a ponytail holder and then twisting it upwards and hiding the ends under the roll you create so that the hair looks perfect.




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French braids: This hairstyle is created by taking pieces of hair from the sides of the head and adding them to the braid as you go along. They are one of the most romantic-looking of elegant hairstyles but they can be difficult to accomplish on your own, so one can always take professional help to get the perfect look.





The Topknot: To create this hairstyle one can part the hair from side-to-side, just above the ears and then comb all the hair above the part straight back and make a bun. One can secure the bun with the help of two hair sticks, depending on the size of the finished bun. One can also add variations in this look by braiding the hair before coiling it into a bun.





The Edwardian: Pick up a section of their hair at the top and twist it towards the head. Keep adding sections of hair as you move toward the back of your head twisting it as you go down. The twisted hair can be clipped with a clip and the same process is repeated on the other side. Once both sides are twisted, one can secure all their hair in a barrette or ponytail holder sections.

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