Hair Perming for getting curls locks

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Hair Perming is the process of physically and chemically processing straight hair in order to get curls or waves. Perms are a great way by means of which you can add volume to true curls and transform your looks overnight. Perming depends on the texture, style, volume and nature of your hair. A perm helps you get rid of blow drying, rolling and setting your hair on a daily basis.

It is essential for you to visit a professional cosmetologist in order to get a ravishing, bouncy perm. It requires you to undergo the process of restructuring of hair by the application of the right techniques and knowledge. A hair professional will enable you to get the desired effect that will go a long way in enhancing your personality and features. Hair perming tends to increase the volume of soft, fine hair and makes it easier for you to style your tresses. Curls and soft waves can add a zing to unexciting straight hair. Perming is also known as permanent weaving and curling.

Hair Perming Method:

Perming causes the chemicals to break down and reform the hair altering its structure. After washing and wrapping the hair on a perm rod, waving lotion is applied with a base. The reaction of chemicals softens the inner layer of hair by reacting with the keratin present in the cortex. This causes the hair to soften, swell and stretch. The hair then moulds according to the shape of the perm rod. After sometime, the hair is rinsed and a neutralizer is applied to set the new curls.

Types of Perming solutions:

Alkaline Hair Perms: This works best for resistant hair. It is also great for hair with low level of elasticity. It is hard to perm fine hair as well as normal hair by using this base.




Acidic Hair Perms : These are milder than alkaline perms and work at a lower pH to reduce swelling of the hair during the perm process. They reduce the chance of damaging fragile and color treated hair. It is a great choice for healthy hair that has good elasticity, colored hair, highlighted or brittle hair.

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