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Holiday updos are a great way to make ones hair elegant for any type of social gathering whether it’s for a formal party or for a casual evening out. Updos are not necessarily only suitable for people with long hair as it is possible to put just about anyone’s hair in an up-do no matter how much the length is or what the hair texture is.

Some basic materials that one must have in order to achieve a great up-do hairstyle are:

  • Hair
  • Ponytail holder
  • Hair gel
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair spray
  • A curling iron
  • Hair accessories

Advantages of updos

The greatest advantage of an updo is that they look very elegant and it’s a great way to of doing something different with ones hair for a special night.

If an updo is put together correctly it stays on for a very long time without having to style it again and again.

Wearing an updo hairstyle to celebrate a holiday is a great for one to display their jewellery and beautiful necklaces with the hair pulled behind the ears and off the neck.

Types of holiday hair updos

French Twist: This hairstyle is good for all face shapes, since the hair volume and the bun can be adjusted. To achieve this holiday up-do one can gather hair into a ponytail between crown and nape and then twist the ponytail all around twice. Tuck ends into twist and secure with bobby pins after which smooth out the rest of the hair by brushing over the twist and securing strays. Encuentra los mejores productos en amazon categorizados Bueno, bonito y barato




Loose waves: This style works for just about any face shape. Adjust curls to flatter your own face shape. To achieve this hairstyle, separate hair into small sections, and curl hair with a one-inch curling iron. Take the random pieces and secure it on to the crown with bobby pins. Leave some soft loose pieces in the front to frame face. This hairstyle looks beautiful and very elegant.





Braided coil hair up-do: A braided coil is one of the holiday updos that works best on very long hair. Hair is first braided into one long braid in the back and then pinned in a circle on the top of the head.





This is a retro look and if one is able to do this up-do successfully

then this hairstyle can stand out among millions.

Holiday updos are not only cool but they are hairstyles that look very elegant. They not only enhance ones beauty but also give a very subtle look. They are many holiday updos that one can choose from but to get the perfect look make sure that one chooses the hair up-do that suits them the best.

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