Attractions & Things to Do and See in Tumbes


Attractions & Things to Do and See in Tumbes


Tumbes: Tumbes the beautiful green land is one of the best parts of Peru. This place serves as the ecological reserve and the beauty of the lush green forest will simply enchant you. The location of this very town has enhanced its beauty more. This town feels like an oasis after the desert like locale of its surrounding. It is considered to be one of the best green places of the coastal Peru.

History: Apart from serving as the ecological reserve and hub of mangroves, Tumbes has also got an enthralling and colourful historical background. It was an Inca town during 1500s. Pizzaro in the year 1528 invited an Inca noble to dine with him on his ship. It was from his version we came to know that Tumbes was a rich Inca Town in the then era.

It is said that the town was then well organized and well maintained. After this very time Pizzaro started his Peru conquest. So we can take his version as quite authentic. Not only this but in the years between 1941-45 when there was a war going on between Peru and Equador regarding the border areas, Tumbes served as the garrison town at that very time.

Attractions: Though there is not much archaeological remains of the Inca civilization that you can see in the other cities pf Peru. But do not miss the Museo de Cabeza de Baca. Here you will be able to see the archaeological site of ancient Tumpes people and ancient 1500 years old ceramic pots and things.

You will also see the fort of the Inca civilization. Apart from this the natural reserve of this town is simply marvellous. The lush green mangroves with serpentine creeks in them will simply enchant you. A great expnce of the ecological reserve stretches in all parts of the town. Those who are interested in sneaking deep into the heart of the jungle will find te place interesting.

How to go: You can reach Tumbes by air. There is a daily flight from Lima to Tumbes. Or you can also avail bus services from Lima. Bus services to Tumbes are available from other major cities too. A short trip to this town is exciting.

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