Baby Milestones


Baby Milestones


Baby Milestones - Child Development Milestones - Milestones In Children - Toddler Milestones » Twelve months of amazing milestonesBefore you realise it your baby is one year old and if you look back you cannot imagine it was the same little helpless person twelve months ago. This is a very amazing thing for a parent. The first year in the life of your baby is full of many milestones that are very amazing. It is good to know some of these milestones and how you can help him through them.

This is perhaps the most important of the many milestones in the first twelve months. On the average children should be walking from their 12th to 13th months, but some start walking even before they hit their 12th. The first steps are always unsteady but with more practice they improve.

Memory building
Sections of your baby’s brain that are responsible for memory go through rapid growth during this period. From his 12th month your baby’s memory is very sharp and he can guess where things like toys could be found if they get lost. You need to engage him in activities that will enhance memory, like putting toys under blankets and letting him find it.

At this time, your baby will start imitating speaking and sometimes you hear real words in his babbling. For him it is real talk in his own language. You need to encourage this by letting him practice more by talking back to him. Certain times you start it when he is quite.

Humour and laughter
Your baby develops a high sense of humour and will laugh a lot when things are funny. He will be able to see certain jokes and laugh. Boost this by being funny at times, make funny faces and sometimes wear funny clothes like hats. You will not be left out of your baby’s fun.

Your baby will want to eat himself at this time. He will take the spoon and go through the motions with a greater part of the food getting to the floor. Don’t worry, just keep some mop ready. Allow him to eat on his own. Practice make perfect.

See your doctor if you think some of these things are being delayed and you have cause to worry. Babies are individual with different rates of development. family

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