Back pain problems


Back pain problems


Back pain problems - Healthy strong back - Low impact aerobic exercises - Maintain a good posture » Tips for Basic Back CareIt has been found that a huge number of people suffer from the problem of back pain, sometime or the other in their life. Medications and even large number of surgeries are performed every year for treatment of back related disorder. Day to day activities, fitness level, nutritional level, aging process and stress factors can all lead to the problem of back pain and back disorders. However, a daily basic care of your back can prevent and shield you from a majority of back related problems to help you lead a healthy life.

A healthy strong back is the foundation for a healthy you. Thus, follow these simple basic back care tips for healthy and pain-free living. The basic tip is to exercise regularly. The best are low impact aerobic exercises which strengthen your back and also tones thigh and abdominal muscles thereby relieving your back from stress. Swimming is extremely helpful and so is cycling and simple walking. However, be regular in your approach as it is not about speed but consistency that will keep your back pain-free. To strengthen your lower back, you can perform various back lifts. For example, lie on your stomach with your legs outstretched, and ensure that both your arms touch the floor and are bent so that palms are near your shoulders. Then you need to pull your abdominals in towards your spine. Rest your forehead on the floor to align your neck with the rest of your spine.

Along with regular exercises, you should try to shed off extra weight through proper diet too. However, by diet we do not imply dieting but instead healthy eating. Moreover, maintain a good posture, sit correctly and avoid sitting for too long. Moreover, avoid stress and sleep properly as fatigue can lead to back strain. Also, adjust your workstation to a comfortable height so as to avoid back related problems. Last but not the least, women should avoid high-heeled shoes for a longer period of time.

Follow these simple tips to keep your back fit. fitness

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