Beaches and Places to Visit in Antalya, Turkey


Beaches and Places to Visit in Antalya, Turkey


Antalya has turn out to be one of the few most popular holiday resorts in Turkey by means of clear waters that are seen on the Mediterranean coastline. In addition the name of this city has its base from Pergamene King Attalos, the one who is believed to be the founder of this city. Moreover, Antalya city center is located between cliffs that are placed on the southern coastlines as well as Taurus Mountains that are placed on the northern region. Antalya has a superlative climate all the way through the year, on the other hand it can be exceptionally hot during Summers, more than ever in month of August.

Furthermore, the Old city center is placed surrounded by the old Roman defense walls. These roman walls encircle the very old Antalya harbor. Ancient harbor is looked upon as one of the most significant symbols of this city by means of its historic ambiance. Full-day as well as half-day cruiser trips are offered as of old harbour.

Moreover, it is probable to have enthralling sights of Duden waterfalls while traveling in the boat trips. The exotic beaches as well as bays of Antalya coastline in addition can be easily explored by way of boat trips. Besides full-day cruiser trips offer numerous entertainments.

Kaleici (also known as Old Castle) area is located between old harbour as well as uzun Carsi Street, furthermore delimited by means of Roman defense walls. There survive several old houses that are been restored as pensions as well as hotels. The historical ambiance of Kaleici along with old houses replicates the standard of living of the old city.

Numerous souvenir plus antique carpet shops are easily found located on the constricted streets of Kaleici. The majority of the historical compositions of Antalya similar to watch tower, Hadrian’s gate, fluted minaret, broken minaret, etc, are positioned in Kaleici.

In addition Konyaalti beach is located in the western region of Antalya as well as extremely close to the center of the city. It is frequently pebbles, more willingly than the sand; on the other hand beach is maintained very well and is quite clean. At the back Konyaalti Beach, you will come across a few of the best hotels in the region of Antalya.

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