Beaches & Places To Visit In Sao Tome

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Beaches & Places To Visit In Sao Tome


Republic Sao Tome is the tiniest western African island nation in the Gulf of Guinea; it is made up of the volcanic islands of Sao Tome, and Principe in the same mountain range of dormant volcanoes,  others being Pedras Tinhosas and Rolas.

At Rolas the equator crosses the region. Beaches here are magnificent in their uppermost purity. Water around these regions is good for fishing. The Portuguese discovered and then reined the region from 15th century onwards. It became independent in 1975. At present, the nationals are Bantu Negros, mulattoes, and Europeans. They are Roman Catholic. Official language is Portuguese.

Sao Tome is the capital. A few miles away from the capital city is an air supported water cascade created by the hole in the roof of a cave! The seawater has created this Boca de Inferno. An ancient fort at the port is now a museum with well show cased artefacts.

The islands are partly forested, partly under plough. Cattles and pigs are raised. The chief port is Sao Tome. The unadulterated region has fruit laden trees and seacoast saturated with fishes so the worry of the next meal is not there.

The natives have to keep on guard against ferocious wild mammals that roam the region. The snake and Scorpio are venomous and life threatening.  The islands are now becoming a popular holiday resort.

The local beaches are deserted and the few tourists who patronize the place feel like its owner. The beach visitors can hire sailing and speed boats to explore the region and view the dance of the dolphins. Aviary watchers come looking for the 135 species of birds belonging to 40 families on both the islands. Principe has abundant of parrots. Cascata Sao Nikolaus, and Saint Nicalau are tranquil waterfalls of the region.

Many tourists go and spend their time in the plantation houses built during Portuguese period. Some of them function as hotels and cafes. Others opt for Praia Jale beach to watch the activities of the giant sea turtle undisturbed. The huts here are for overnight accommodation. Scuba diving in the crystal clear water of the sea introduces to an array of colours in the creatures of the sea.

The country is not very safe so travel cautiously.

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