Beaches, Vacations & Attractions in Indonesia


Beaches, Vacations & Attractions in Indonesia


If you want to be close to the nature and its wonders, then Indonesia is the perfect place for you to unwind. Over the years, Indonesia with its rich culture, community harmony, food and natural serenity has been mesmerizing the visitors coming from different corners of the world. The typical flavor of the greenery and touch of tropical surroundings make the place different from the other tourist attractions.

Indonesia, the largest archipelagic state in the whole world, consists of 17508 islands in the Malay Archipelago. Indonesia has risen from the blackest point of the ocean climbing to the peaks of the volcanoes. No doubt, it is the perfect place to dive into the lap of the nature’s explicit charm and beauty. To complete your vacation, Indonesia offers the bewitching surroundings with modern amenities that every travelers looks for.

Things to See: Indonesia is thronged by the splendid mountains, dense forests, magnificent beaches, ancient temples, mosques and museums. And also the place is carefully wrapped by the rich culture and tradition.


The capital of Indonesia has plenty to offer such as the National Monument towers, the Central Museum, Portuguese Church, batic factories, antique markets.


And if you are looking for tropical paradise, then Bali is well prepared to satisfy you with its extensive jungles, mountains, white beaches. Also, the specialty of the place is the adventurous beach activities and local crafts.

Beaches, Vacations & Attractions in Indonesia


The vast mountain ranges, unexplored jungles, eye soothing plantations and enriched flora and fauna are simply attractive. The tourist attractions Lake Toba, Lingga village, Bundo Kandung museum and reserve forests like Bengkulu, Mount Loeser reserve are the must see of the place.


The temples and handicrafts like woven fabrics, rattan baskets of Lombok will surely win your heart. Also, the Desert Point, Gili Islands, Senggigi Beach are excellent for surfing.


This is a land of misty valleys, beautiful lakes, geysers and hot springs like Kinilow, Makule, Leilem etc. The place is gorgeous as it nurtures various types of Orchids. Therefore, Sulawesi is also popularly known as ‘Orchids Islands’. Also the place is known for its royal touch.

Banda Islands:

The islands were once famous for producing various spices and also known as the ‘Spice Islands’. Now it is mostly visited for promoting snorkeling and diving.

Clearly, with exquisite beauty and traditional values, Indonesia is simply unmatchable.


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