Best Ways To Avoid Diabetes » How Can Diabetes Be Avoided

Best Ways To Avoid Diabetes » How Can Diabetes Be Avoided

Best Ways To Avoid Diabetes » How Can Diabetes Be AvoidedDiabetes is more commonly referred to as Diabetes Mellitus. It is the most prevalent of all diseases around the globe. It is more commonly seen in developed nations because of which earlier it was assumed to be associated only with the affluent society.

About 90 to 95 percent population of US is a victim of Diabetes. The alarming rise in the percentage of diabetic population has been calling for an immediate attention. The World Health Organization has always been worried about alarming spread of diabetes and has done lot of campaigns to educate people on how to avoid being victims of this incurable disease. WHO has declared November 14th as the World Diabetic Day.

The World Health Organization has also released some guidelines to help people in not becoming victims of Diabetes in the future. As per WHO’s guidelines you should breastfeed the kid for first eight months. This helps the kid in building proper immunity level and also provides him/her with the best nutrition his/her body needs. Also, the only remedy to this disease is to eat healthy and to get some regular exercise.

Different Types of Diabetes:

Diabetes is broadly classified into two types – Type I and Type II.

Type I Diabetes:

Type I diabetes is the one which is genetic in nature. In this type of diabetes the body’s immune mechanism stops identifying its own organ which is pancreas (insulin producing organ) in this case.

It is an auto immune disorder where in the immune cells of the body starts attacking insulin producing cells of the body. Finally, the pancreatic cells die off and there is no insulin synthesis in the body. So, to keep the sugar levels in check, regular doses of insulin have to be injected in the body.

Type II Diabetes:

The other and the most common diabetes affecting millions is Type II diabetes. Type II diabetic patients do produce insulin in their body but the amount is not sufficient enough to remove all the excess sugar from the blood. So, again some external insulin dosage has to be supplied to the body to keep the sugar level in control. The advantage of Type II diabetes over Type I is that it can be controlled by leading a disciplined life.

Recommendations By Physicians:

For all diabetic patients, the general recommendations by the physicians are – eat healthy and do regular physical workout. The logic behind eating healthy is that all the food irrespective of being a carbohydrate, fat or a protein eventually gets broken down to glucose by insulin.

Best Ways To Avoid Diabetes » How Can Diabetes Be Avoided

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Now, the glucose level in our blood determines the actual sugar level of our body. When we eat oily or fried stuff then more energy and digestive juices are needed to break down the food, which in turn puts a pressure on the pancreas to produce more insulin regularly.

If the diet is not checked for years together then due to over load the pancreatic cells may get damaged and may stop producing insulin in the amounts needed by the body.

Again food which is very high in calories has to be worked upon more to break it into simpler molecules which lead to pancreatic failure. To sum it up, any food which is fried, oily or high in calories eventually increases the chances of having diabetes in the longer run.

The other common observation about diabetes is that people who are obese have more susceptibility to diabetes than the ones whose body mass index is balanced. Actually, the presence of excess fat in the body hinders the pace with which insulin acts inside the body. Also, sedentary life style contributes towards inefficient insulin utilization in the body.

Physiologically the human organs are highly interconnected. If there is something lacking in one part of the body than it badly affects the function of other organs of the body as well. For instance, people who lead sedentary lives have a poor circulatory efficiency due to which blood doesn’t really reach efficiently to most of the parts of the body.

Now, insulin is being carried by the blood so the functioning and in turn efficiency of insulin gets affected too. So, people who have a history of diabetes in the family or are obese should compulsorily engage themselves in some kind of regular physical exercise.

Gestational Diabetes:

Gestational diabetes as the name suggests, is the one which precipitates during the gestation or pregnancy of a woman. It could also indicate pre diabetic type II diabetes development. The increased sugar level during pregnancy could be really fatal for the foetus so the woman has to take some extra precautions and should focus only in eating stuff very low in sugar levels.

The study of the researchers about diabetics so far suggests that if the father and the mother are both diabetic than their kids are always susceptible to developing diabetes. However, if either of the parent is diabetic than the chances of diabetes reduces to about 25 percent in the children. But, to be on the safer side, people who have a diabetic history in the family are recommended to be careful right from the beginning. They should keep themselves active and should indulge in healthy eating habits.

Whatever is the case, diabetes needs regular attention, if left untreated the patient may suffer from serious consequences. For example, in chronic conditions of diabetes, a patient could suffer from renal failure due to excess amount of sugar in the blood which increases the pressure on the kidneys where the blood gets purified before getting excreted as urine. Chronic diabetes could also lead to retinal damage or even blindness. We should keep in mind that diabetes is always treatable but never curable.

Diabetes is also referred to as ‘silent killer’ as diabetes may also lead to heart attacks or strokes in the worse condition. Diabetes as such can be managed easily with little precautions and control. A diabetic person can still lead a normal life by introducing all those changes that we have discussed so far in his/her lifestyle. health

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