Bucky Barnes: The Untold Truth Of The Winter Soldier


Bucky Barnes: The Untold Truth Of The Winter Soldier


In Bucky's first appearance in the golden age of comics, this soldier wasn't wearing the olive-drab you might expect. Rather, he was sporting a red and blue superhero costume as Captain America's kid sidekick, complete with a period-appropriate "golly gee" demeanor. The two sometimes fought Nazis as a duo, and sometimes did so alongside the original Human Torch, his sidekick Toro, and Namor the Sub-Mariner as a group called The Invaders.

Unlike in the MCU, where Bucky and Steve grew up together, comics Bucky and Steve didn't know each other before they joined the military. Captain America's identity was a secret, and the reason he decided to take Bucky on as a sidekick was because Bucky accidentally stumbled into Rogers' tent one night and discovered the truth.

Later comics retconned this origin story of Cap and Bucky's partnership, instead asserting that this quaint meet cute was actually a piece of American propaganda. In truth, the U.S. Military arranged their partnership for two reasons: to create a symbolic enemy of the Hitler Youth, and to have a morally flexible field agent at Captain America's side, someone willing to do the darker things that Rogers wouldn't.

These continuity changes also meant that Bucky's persona as a wide-eyed optimistic kid was also a fabrication. He was certainly capable of acting that way, but it was just a mask he wore. Underneath, even as a teenager, he was a mature and melancholic soul who wasn't afraid of getting his hands dirty.



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