Calorie Shifting Diet Plan


Calorie Shifting Diet Plan


You look obese, feel lazy and sleepy, do not feel like going about your daily chores, prefer to stay at home…and for all you know you’ve tried dieting and it just does not work. Dieting plans are so many that you actually begin to wonder where to begin and which plan to adopt. Moreover you just seem to hate the idea of starving your body and losing weight actually you feel it is not good for your health. Actually you are right, starvation is not a remedy for obesity, the body gets surprised when you starve it, it begins to store all the calories it can and fat burning is reduced. Instead try the calorie shifting diet plan.

How glad would you be if I told you that you could eat all that you want and still lose weight? The calorie shifting diet plan tricks your body by changing the calorie intake daily. When you change the amount of calories taken every day the body virtually gets confused and continues the metabolism at a normal rate. So you keep changing the amount of calories keep it in control within a certain limit and you find the body is working at its usual metabolism rate as well as helping you lose weight.

Another great advantage of the calorie shifting plan is that you need not deprive yourself of chocolates or ice creams or anything you crave for. You can always have a bite on a high calorie day. Starving the body generally makes you crave a lot and most of the time you are not able to control the craving and you eventually stop dieting. With a shifting calorie diet that problem is solved.

One must keep in mind that even though you are changing the calorie intake you cannot afford to have a high level of calories, keep the calorie level low and be sure to check with a medical practitioner before taking up the diet. The diet plan is done in eleven day cycles, so even the first eleven days you will be able to see a difference. Some days you will be advised to have more proteins, on some days more carbohydrates ultimately you can be fully satisfied and yet lose weight.

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