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Alexis Bledel started her career as a model. Her look is the envy of every teenage girl in the United States . She’s got the perfect facial cut supported by her faultless hairstyles. Her look is enhanced with every hair cut she chooses. She was born on September 16, 1981 in Houston , Texas . Her parents’ was an interracial marriage. Nanette, her mother, is Mexican and her father Martin is Argentine. She has a younger brother called Eric David Bledel. Alexis fluently speaks Argentine. But her first language is Spanish. Even at home, she normally uses Spanish. Alexis never learned English language before her school days.

Alexis’s acting talent is her unique inborn asset. She has been widely popular for her character of Rory Gilmore in Gilmore Girls of WB Program. Her make-up of blue donning pastel blue eye that gives a striking contrast to coral lips is quite popular among her fans. This combination is said to be the king of ‘retro look’ of the early 1970s. Make-up artist Deborah Grayson once said that Alexis’ beauty technique is all about pale, matte face and sea foam blue eyes.

Alexis Bledel's Hairstyles

Now, let’s have a look at her perfect haircuts. You must have noticed Alexis Bledel's hairstyles that make her gorgeous in any wardrobe. Here is a brief account of her different hairstyles. Let’s observe some of her all-time perfect hairstyles that make her sexiest among sexy crowd.

Ponytail Style: This is Alexis’ style of pulling both sides and back sides up and pinned up them into a soft ponytail. And in order to create a fine textured look, she sweeps her bangs altogether over to one side. This ponytail style is considered to be one of Alexis’ sexiest hairstyles.


Layers and Waves: If you have watched NCLR ALMA 2006 Award, you might have observed Alexis’ layered and wavy hairstyle. In this style, her colored locks give a sexy look to the fully shaped layers and waves. In addition to this, the soft side swept bangs blend with the layers and soft curls fashionably. This hairstyle is perfect for her face cut and makes her features appear to be sharper. If you have ‘medium to fine’ hair types, try this simple but gorgeous style of Alexis. Home Security Tips and buying guides Home Security Tips and buying guides

Stunning Cut: The hairstyle sported by Alexis at the CW Network’s Upfront 2006-07 created quite a sizzle. Her soft long layers were cut around mid-length and the ends added sheer body, shape and volume around her perfect face. Her fully jagged cut bangs were added and it styled down to enhance the facial features with full impact.


Straight mid-parting: Alexis Bledel’s hairstyles would be incomplete without the mention of this one. A straight cut with middle parting suits her facial features giving her a chic look. She leaves her straight tresses to flaunt their natural shine making her features appear sharper. This is one of the easiest hairstyles that requires a good trim and can be sported by anyone.

Alexis’ hairstyles are enhanced by her suitable make-up. To begin with a list of her make-up techniques, she covers her eye lids with matte, sea-foam blue eye shadow. The same shading extends to the blue sidelong peripheries of the eyes on both left and right sides. It gives a hallow impression that widens the appearance of her eyes suitably blending perfectly with her hairstyles. Her lipstick techniques also give a great touch to the different hairstyles sported by the diva. She often applies moisturizing coral-hued lipstick to the whole lip area. It must be applied by using a pointed lip brush. This combination of facial make-up and hairstyles adds a new magic of attraction to Alexis’ all time sexy look.

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