Avril Lavigne Hairstyles: American Idol

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Canadian rocker Avril Lavigne was every teenager’s idol. Her wardrobes, hairstyles as well as songs have been the most demanded teen sensations among all youngsters around the globe. She was born on September 27, 1984 in Belleville , Ontario . Her name carries a pleasant meaning that suits her looks and styles. Avril is a French word meaning April and Lavigne stands for ‘vineyard’.

Avril’s French-Canadian parents are devoted Baptists. Her mother was the first person who first spotted the singing talent of the young Avril. At the tender age of two, Avril started singing at churches along with her mother. Her family moved to Nappanee , Ontario when Avril was just five-year-old.

Her debut album Let Go was released in 2002 with a record of selling 16 million copies worldwide. The album was certified six times platinum in the US . Her second production Under My Skin sold 8 million and The Best Damn Thing around 5 million copies.

Before she gained her musical fame Avril used to sing along with Shania Twain. It was quite a remarkable concert that she appeared alongside Twain at her Ottawa live. After that, she was first discovered by her professional manager Cliff Fabri, while singing country covers at a Chapters bookstore in Kingston , Ontario . At the age of 16 she was signed by Ken Krongard of Arista Records. That marked the beginning of her journey to rule the world of teen rock.

In her live performances, her straight long hair always creates an added charm. Avril looks great predominantly in her straight red hair. But when she makes her appearance at parties, Avril’s curls work great for her looks as well as her personality. Her cute baby face appears more prominent in her curly bangs. Her naturally straight hair creates the curls and waves with a little help from curling irons or hot rollers. For added dimension, Avril uses several techniques of iron roller with different thicknesses. Avril Lavigne’s Hairstyles are considered to be savvy, sexy and the latest in-thing. They are imitated by almost every teenage girl in the United States and are uite a trendsetter as the diva herself. Most of Avril’s fans think she looks great in soft, wavy hairdos but majority of her fans simply lover her straight, freely flowing tresses. Let’s pick up some of Avril’s best hairstyles we have ever seen. Home Security Tips and buying guides Home Security Tips and buying guides

Avril Lavigne Hairstyles that rock

Rock Star Attitude

Of course, Avril has pure hard rock attitude. Apart from her stage performances, her hairstyles are found to be of rock star impression. At the American Music Awards 2007, Avril sported a great rocker’s hairstyle. Very specifically, the main feature was a bright pink hue that complemented her simple cut and gave it the look and feel of the ultimate rock star attitude. The layers that framed her face were excellent. This sort of hairstyle is easy to maintain with regular trims and looks great at outdoor events.

Sexy Cut

It’s obvious that Avril’s straight hairstyles are sexy. At the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2006, her hairstyle was extraordinarily attractive. The length was jagged cut with the top and sides being angle layered to create a full and wavy style. This kind of hairstyle is the best option for those having medium to thick hair types.

Straight Style

Most Avril’s fans agree that this rock star looks great in her trademark straight cut. The rocker always made an impact at her album release functions with her long feathered pink highlights behind her ears. It spiced up her flat blonde color with the top section being lifted and pulled up to the back. This type of Avril Lavigne Hairstyle is suited for those with a round face.


Avril Lavigne Hairstyles are quite a range among teenagers who not only want to imitate the dressing style, talking style and attitude of this American Idol but also wish they could sing like Avril. Not everyone is blessed with straight hair like the diva, but then the market is loaded with straightness and flat irons…Sporting Avril’s hairstyles is next to making a big impression.


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