Carmen Electra Hairstyles: Hot and Happening

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Carmen Electra’s real name is Tara Leigh Patrick but she popularly known by her pseudo name. She is an American glamour model, TV personality, and entertainer. She gained fame for her appearance in Playboy magazine and popular MTV game show Singled Out. Of most of her roles in TV series, Baywatch is widely acclaimed. She has also acted in some comedy movies like Scary Movie and Meet the Spartans.

Electra was born on April 20, 1972 in White Oak, Ohio . She is the daughter of singer Patricia and Harry Patrick, an entertainer and guitarist. Her mother died of a brain tumor in 1998. After she graduated from Princeton High School in Sharonville, Electra moved to California in 1984, where she met Prince while auditioning for an all-girl rap group. It was the pop icon who persuaded her to change her name to Carmen Electra.

Electra began to act in various television programs in 1995. She became popular among Playboy readers as she was featured in the magazine more than three times. She is the current spokes-model for Ritz Camera Centers. Carmen Electra Hairstyles are known for their carefree but svelte look. This hot model-actress definitely knows how to attract attention by taming her wild locks to enhance her personality to perfection. Let’s look at some of her greatest hairstyles.

Carmen Electra Hairstyles

Slight Waves

Her look was simple at the Trevor Project's 10th annual ‘Cracked Christmas’, but it was simply great with the hairstyle she wore. She kept her long tresses straight on the top. In addition, slight waves were created at the ends by adding long layers to the mid-lengths and ends. In fact, the style was good with the textured edges and the top was styles in a flat and sassy finish.   



Classic Black

Electra looks stunning in the classic 1950s style of superb shining black. At the 2007 ESPY Awards, she changed her tresses from blonde to a classic black tone. In this style, she trimmed her length to the shoulders. But no layering was added to style or create a fuller shape towards the ends.   Home Security Tips and buying guides Home Security Tips and buying guides




Free Flow

When Electra was at the release occasion of her book How to Be Sexy, she was seen sporting a really good natural hairdo. She added soft, twirling waves throughout her mid-length and ends. This style creates a natural and free-flowing look. The layers were also cut up till the ends in an attempt to reduce weight.  



Basic Style

Even if she wears very basic hairdo Electra always looks great. At the US Hot Hollywood Party 2007, she looked stunning in her simple but attractive hairstyle. She left her length falling below her shoulders. Her tresses were cut solid with slight chipping at the very ends. The style indeed added a soft edge to the shape of her head. The middle parting swept off her sexy facial features and enhanced her overall personality. 


 Sexy Locks

At the release of A Personal Guide to NV Weight-Loss Beauty Pill, Electra was really a siren with attractive locks in her hairstyle. For the style, she cut her long locks well below the shoulder level. And the feathering layers were cut into the ends for texture. The feathering layers were also trimmed from chin level down to frame her sexy look. This style will be suitable for those having a longer face shape.   


Carmen Electra Hairstyles are svelte, sexy and savvy. This sexy siren sure has it in her to attract oodles of attention by wearing the right hairstyle, the perfect make-up and the hottest clothes in the industry. To top it all, the right attitude adds the final touch to her glamorous looks and styles that make her one of Hollywood’s hottest property.

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