Gwen Stefani Hairstyles: Doubtlessly Beautiful Blonde

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Gwen Stefani was born on October 3, 1969 in California. She was lead-singer of the rock-pop band No Doubt. She then became a soloist after her break-up from the band. She is also known for her fashion designing and occasional appearance in some movies. No Doubt’s 1995 album TragicKingdom boosted the band to stardom with the selling of selling of 16 million copies worldwide. Some of the most wanted tracks in the album included ‘Just a Girl’, ‘Spider webs’, and ‘Don't Speak.’ No Doubt declined after their fourth album Return of Saturn in 2000. But in the very next year, the band slowly resurrected with the album Rock Steady introducing dancehall and reggae production.

After her departure from No Doubt, Stefani recorded her first solo album Love. Angel Music and Baby was recorded in 2004. Inspired by the pop and dance genres of the 1980s, the album sold seven million. In the album ‘Hollaback Girl’ became the first US digital download to sell one million copies.

Stefani’s second album The Sweet Escape in 2006 created a moderately popular track Wind It Up. But the album contained a great number titled The Sweet Escape that hit number one on the US Billboard chart. So far, including her No Doubt work Stefani has sold more than 30 million copies of her albums worldwide.

In 2005, Stefani won the World’s Best-Selling New Female Artiste at the World Music Awards. She has been internationally acclaimed for her popular songs ‘4 In The Morning’ and ‘Early Winter’. In her early days, she made her onstage debut during a talent show at Loara High School, where she sang ‘I Have Confidence’ from The Sound of Music in a self-made dress inspired from the film.

In the fashion circuit, Stefani is known as a fashion trendsetter. She made a magnificent fashion line called 2003. The brand was expanded in collection with the 2005 Harajuku Lovers line. Inspired by Japanese drawings and culture, Stefani made a public performance with four back-up dancers known as the ‘Harajuku Girls’. Stefani is known for bother her music and beauty. Gwen Stefani Hairstyles are often the topics of discussion among her fans. Find out how beautiful they are. Home Security Tips and buying guides Home Security Tips and buying guides

Popular Gwen Stefani Hairstyles:

Wavy Full Layers

Stefani looks great in her full bodied hairstyle. For creating this gorgeous hairdo, the singer’s hair was trimmed in layers sweeping all across its full length. Her top portion was textured into medium volume. To create this style Stefani used a blow dry process with Velcro rollers to shape the layers the enhanced her cute face. This style is suitable for those having oval, oblong, square, heart, diamond, and triangular facial cuts.

Funky Bangs

This is one of the most dynamic of Gwen Stefani Hairstyles. The singer was known for sporting a wide range of funky haircuts when she performed as lead singer of No Doubt. For her funky style she trimmed her length just below the shoulder level. Then the top section and sides were jagged. She wore this peculiar style at the 2006 American Music Awards and looked great. For this style you need to have oval or oblong facial cuts.

Wavy Long Blonde

Stefani is always known to look gorgeous in her funky cuts. But on some occasions she escapes from her trademark funk style. For instance, at the 48th Annual Grammy Awards the star wore a simple and nice long blonde hairdo. For the style, the ex-No Doubt singer pinned her tresses at the back in a perfect way. Her side bangs enhanced her cute smile at the event. To create the style, the star used blow dry and hot rollers with the help of some products like mousse, gel spray, and smoothing shine. 

Summer Cut

In this creative cut Stefani proves that this is finest design for a summer night out. For the style, she simply keeps the length below shoulder level and the side bangs are slightly layered to enhance her look. For re-creating this hairdo we need smoothing shine and lacquer with a bit of blow dry process. This style is suitable for those with oval and heart shaped facial structures.

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