Jenna Elfman Hairstyles: Sweet and Sexy Hairdo

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Jenna Elfman was born on September 30, 1971 in Los Angeles, California. She’s a Golden Globe-winning American television and film actress. Elfman began her career as a professional dancer. She appeared in UK synth-pop group Depeche Mode’s promotional video for their 1990 song ‘Halo.’ Elfman toured as a dancer with the group ZZ Top.

Her acting debut made in the early 1990s appearing in the music video ‘Black Lodge’ by heavy metal band Anthrax. She did other commercial work before landing her first series jobs as guest appearances in the 1995-96 season on the ABC series Roseanne, NYPD Blue, The Monroes, and Murder One, and the CBS sitcom Almost Perfect. She landed a regular role as the boy-crazy Shannon in Townies. Jenna Elfman Hairstyles are one of her greatest assets. This actress has a special style which when blended with the right make-up and accessories casts a spell on the onlookers.

In 1999, Elfman appeared alongside Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in EDtv directed by Ron Howard. She played Anna Riley in the 2000 popular comedy Keeping the Faith. Elfman met her husband Bodhi Elfman at a Sprite commercial audition in February 1991. They married in 1995, making director Richard Elfman her father-in-law and noted composer Danny Elfman her uncle-in-law.

She appeared at the Church of Scientology-affiliated Citizens Commission on Human Rights’ controversial Psychiatry: An Industry of Death museum grand opening and was described on the organization’s website as a supporter in 2005. The very next year, Elfman donated an hour of her time to be auctioned off to the highest bidder on ‘eBay’ as part of the ‘Lunch with a Leader’ fundraiser. As a human rights activist, an actress and fashion ambassador, Elfman is popular in all spheres. Jenna Elfman Hairstyles and wardrobe are popular topics of discussion in hot Hollywood circuits.  

Popular Jenna Elfman Hairstyles:


Full and Funky

Elfman looks perfect in her full and funky style. For this style, she trims her hair in short to long layers cutting through her back and sides to achieve maximum body and volume through her mid-lengths and ends. With regular trims, this style is easy to maintain and works well on all weather conditions.  


Pulled Back Up-style

In the pulled back up-style, Elfman looked extremely attractive at the LA Premiere of The Shooter and definitely turned heads. To create this style, her soft natural curls were left to fall around her face to give her up-style a natural finish. Her hair was pulled back and directed sideways through the top portion to create height. This style is a great option for those having a round face cut. It is ideal for corporate lunches and dinners.  Enjoy more than 1000 giantess anime, commercials, music and game videos Giantess Movie Clips


Full Style

At the 34th Annual American Music Awards, Elfman looked gorgeous in a full style. The length in the style was left below shoulder level. The top portion and the side sections were angle layered to create full shaped curls. With a little trimming effort, this style is easy to maintain and looks good on all occasions.


Funky and Fresh

Elfman sported a funky and fresh hairstyle at the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style Awards. In the style, the actress pinned up her hair into a low up-style. The long tresses were left out around her face adding shape and definition. This is one of Elfman’s best styles suitable for all weather conditions.


Heavy Layers

Quite different from other styles, Elfman wore a unique heavy layered hairstyle at the 2006 American Music Awards. This hairstyle gave a great look to Elfman with special style of her length cutting to shoulder length. The layers were heavily trimmed through the ends to achieve a perfect overall look. If you’re planning a unique change this style is a great option.



Sexy Hairdo

Elfman looked extremely beautiful with her long locks at the Mission Impossible-3 fan screening at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. For the sexy hairdo, the actress swept her hair to the side to create shape around the neck and face. And the soft side swept bangs were cut to blend in with her look. This is perhaps one of the hottest Jenna Elfman Hairstyles that can be sported on all formal occasions and is easy to create.

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