Celebs Who Had to Postpone Their Wedding

Celebs Who Had to Postpone Their Wedding


In January 2020, Taraji P. Henson told Extra that she and Kelvin Hayden moved their April wedding to avoid the possibility of rain, but they probably would have moved it anyway because of the pandemic.  In March 2020, the Empire alum told Extra that the wedding would probably be in July because of coronavirus. She commented, "We have to see what this will be like at the other end." The couple is prioritizing the health of their older relatives, with Henson explaining, "Our grandparents, my grandmother is about to turn 96, his is 86, how do we get them to the wedding now? Now, we are concerned, just trying to figure out the safest and best way."

In April 2020, Henson told Access (via The Sun), "I'm pausing because there's so much to take into consideration now. We've all been changed after this." Specifically, the Hidden Figures star revealed, "I just lost an uncle who we think may have had complications of corona." 

In regard to her wedding planning, she shared, "It's a lot to think about, and I just think we should pause, stop, and just think this thing through. Humanity will be forever changed after this!" That may be a tad melodramatic, but does anyone expect anything less from Cookie Lyon? 

Celebs Who Had to Postpone Their Wedding



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