Celebs Who Have Actually Been Catfished


Celebs Who Have Actually Been Catfished


John Henson knows a thing or two about dodging dangers thanks to his gig as the host of Wipeout. However, he wasn't able to avoid getting pulled in by a catfish, although he was the one who brought this celebrity-snaring scheme to the attention of the media.

Henson was the first to connect with a Nightline producer, who went on to uncovered a catfish named Hope Jackson, who had gone after multiple celebrities. "Henson had just spent two weeks in an emotional email back-and-forth with a distraught mother about to lose her daughter to a severe type of childhood cancer called neuroblastoma," according to ABC News. Jackson reportedly claimed to be a woman named Katherine whose ill daughter, Scarlet, was a fan of Wipeout. While Henson was responsive at first, he grew suspicious of Katherine's story, especially after she was reportedly unable to offer any details about her child's supposed doctors.

The TV host's hunch to be cautious was validated when a private investigator he knew confirmed the whole thing was a hoax, which Henson assumed to be "a nefarious financial scam." In fact, Henson was far from the only famous face targeted by this particular catfish, whose scheme reportedly involved the likes of Little Big Town, American Idol contestant and Grammy-winner Mandisa, singers Natalie Grant, Francesca Battistelli, and Carmen Hope Thomas, members of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, and more.



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