Chile Travel Guide & Tourist Attractions

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Chile Travel Guide & Tourist Attractions


Any traveler to Chile will admit that choosing an itinerary is not easy. A country that offers a wide range of natural splendors could not be explored in a single vacation. Perhaps you should frequently revisit the South African country to appreciate its beauty and enjoy the company of its hospitable citizens.Chile Travel Guide & Tourist Attractions

Vina del Mar

Visitors searching for sun and sand usually head to this popular Chilean coastal town. Besides the temptation of the tropical beaches and the warm waters of the Pacific, visitors flock to the town to get a glimpse of the colonial buildings of the town.


However, for some foreigners and Chileans, Vina del Mar’s neighbor appears to be the unique city of the country. Ever since Valparaiso was declared as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, this pretty city is featuring in the itinerary of a large number of visitors to the country.

Valparaiso is a city of contrast. Although, a visitor to the city might have little reason to appreciate the crumpling buildings, you can’t help admiring the scenic hillsides bursting with fun and color and the sensuous nightlife.

Easter Island

Easter Island is an isolated place on the planet. The mysterious statues standing on the eerie island are the most popular asset of the world. Besides the open-air museum, Easter Island is also a popular destination for scuba diving. You can relax on the sandy beach or explore the ancient sites on the island on a horse back.


Santiago is just like any other buzzing South American city. Framed by the Andes and the ocean, Santiago is noted for its long nightlife, and busy bars and cafes.


The rainforest of the region is home to rare fauna. The alecre trees found in the Pumalin Park is one of the oldest plant species in our planet.

San Pedro de Atacama

Your visit to Chile will remain incomplete without visiting the Atacama Desert. San Pedro is a lovely oasis in the driest desert of the world. Surrounded by sand dunes and steaming geysers, this home of the Aymara people is one of the beauties of Chile that you can’t help admiring.


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