6 Biggest Colleges in Vermont

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  6 Biggest Colleges in Vermont 6 Biggest Colleges in Vermont

Explore the beautiful campuses of Vermont, including these large and affordable colleges.

By | November 05, 2014


Norwich is the oldest private military college in the United States.

College students in Vermont have access to beautiful parks and ski lodges. But it’s not just fun and games. Several of Vermont's largest schools, many of them private institutions, offer a quality education at a relatively affordable level.

6. St. Michael's College

Type of College: Private College

Enrollment: 2,449

Cost: $37,510

Best Programs: Business, social sciences, psychology, biology, English.

Fun Fact: St. Michael's College is located just three minutes from Burlington, which has been designated as one of the top 10 college towns in the country.

5. Middlebury College

Type of College: Private College

Enrollment: 2,500

Cost: $44,111

Best Programs: Economics, English, political sciences, ethnic studies, and psychology.

Fun Fact: The Middlebury Language Schools are among the most highly renowned language programs in the country. Students from other schools have the opportunity to study at Middlebury in the summer and immerse themselves in a foreign language.

4. Champlain College

Type of College: Private College

Enrollment: 2,796

Cost: $29,865

Best Programs: Business administration, accounting, computer science, network and system administration, and multimedia.

Fun Fact: Many of Champlain College's residential halls are restored Victorian-era houses. This kind of housing gives students a unique college experience.

3. Norwich University

Type of College: Private University

Enrollment: 3,442

Cost: $31,782

Best Programs: Criminal justice, nursing, architecture, business administration, and history.

Fun Fact: Norwich is the oldest private military college in the United States.

2. Community College of Vermont

Type of College: Community College

Enrollment: 5,608

Cost: In-state: $223 per credit, Out-of-state: $446 per credit

Best Programs: Digital marketing, criminal justice, early childhood education, and visual arts.

Fun Fact: CCV has an open admissions policy, which means whoever can benefit from taking courses there is permitted to take them. Students range from ages 14 to 78.

1. University of Vermont

Type of College: Public University Tough Guy Quotes - The Quotes

Enrollment: 12,239

Cost: In-state: $15,254, Out-of-state: $35,582

Best Programs: Business administration, psychology, English literature, political sciences, and environmental studies.

Fun Fact: Notable alumni from UV include John Dewey, founder of the Dewey decimal system; Jody Williams, winner of a Nobel Peace Prize; and Jon Kilick, producer of Malcolm X and Babel.

Quick Facts

  • As you may have noticed, many of the colleges on this list are private liberal arts colleges and universities. These schools may have higher price tags than public schools, but they do often offer larger financial aid packages.
  • The Community College of Vermont offers an Introduction to College Studies course to high school students at all 12 locations statewide. This course can help you prepare for the changes and stress you may face in college.

Stats source: CollegeStats and U.S. News and World Report.

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6 Biggest Colleges in Vermont

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6 Biggest Colleges in Vermont


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