Top 20 Careers to Train For During the Recession

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  Top 20 Careers to Train For During the Recession Top 20 Careers to Train For During the Recession

How to keep yourself marketable in today’s tough job climate.


Certain areas of the job market are safer than others when the economy takes a turn for the worse. For the most part, these areas are protected because we need them in order to function as a society. If you’re looking to protect your employment opportunities during these uncertain times, it would be wise to bolster your job skills in these fields.

The Service Sector

The service sector can include careers in healthcare, public utilities, education and public safety. There is always a need for positions like nurses and teachers, even when times are tough. Career colleges offer degree programs and certificates that allow students to take on positions as medical assistants, pharmacy technicians and electricians. Public Works projects and county transit teams need people with contractor certifications. There are great schools across the country with a diverse range of programs that will jump-start your career in these exciting areas.

Taking Care of the People

Even when times are tough, there are certain services that people still pay money for – from haircuts and meals to burying a loved one. Working in these fields can offer great job security in an uncertain economy. Research career colleges in your area and look for online schools to find programs in fields such as cosmetology, culinary arts or mortuary science. Or you could attend a 4-year college or university and earn a bachelors degree in viticulture and enology and become a winemaker.

The Business of Business

Certain areas of business can thrive in a tough economy. Even in bad times, people still need to drive their cars and turn on lights, so energy companies tend to do well. Depending on the type of position you’re interested in, you may need to get anything from an associates degree to a PhD in order to be qualified for these jobs. If you want to work outside with the crews laying pipeline, pursue an associates degree or a contractor’s certificate in electrical science. If you want to work in sales, you may need a bachelors degree in business management, urban planning or industrial engineering. If you want to be a scientist who invents new fuel sources, you should pursue a PhD in chemical engineering.

Don’t forget international businesses, which may be thriving even if the United States isn’t doing well. If you have a bachelors degree in sales or business management and speak a foreign language, there might be an opportunity for you in a business that focuses overseas.

The Art of Entertainment

Even during the worst of times, people want to have some fun. Gambling, massages, luxuries like fine jewelry – those with money to spend will still want to spend it. Online schools and community colleges are your best bet for programs in these areas. Relatos cortos eroticos Dominación El Sirviente

Government Means Go

  • Civil Service
  • Notary Public

Government jobs and the military are another source of relatively stable careers. You can’t turn on the news without hearing countless politicians talking about how bad things are and how they’re going to fix them, and you could be working for them as they work on the problem. And with the current geopolitical tensions, the military may be filling positions. This also means that civil service jobs with government agencies are a great way to go. A junior college is a good place to take classes to hone skills in foreign languages, accounting and computers and to get useful certifications like notary public.

Debt and Debtors

Dealing with the economy itself has quite a bit of job security. Debt collection, financial planning, bankruptcy law and other careers helping people deal with their finances and the housing crisis are very stable at the moment. Many junior colleges and career colleges offer programs in Accounting and other financial planning subjects so you can get the training you need to work in these fields.

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