8 Discounts for College Students

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  8 Discounts for College Students

Going to college means you'll get a great education, but you'll also get a few perks from top companies that want to make learning a little easier for you.

By Sydney Nikols | February 17, 2017


8 Discounts for College StudentsThere are lots of discount incentives to buy a computer when you head off to College.
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Embarking on your college journey can be exciting and scary. Don't worry, we understand. It can also be a really great time to shop. Seriously! There's all sorts of things to buy: bedding to fit on those weird "extra long twin" bunk beds, new "grown up" clothes to prove you're not in high school anymore, mini fridges for all the $2 frozen burritos you're going to be eating and computers for facebo --I mean-- studying!

The good news is that, though you may be debating whether or not to bring Binky the stuffed dog, once it is time for you to leave for college, you'll find all sorts of great student deals. Who doesn’t love a great deal? We know we do. Since we didn’t want to leave you out of the fun, we did a little research to find you the best student deals out there, neatly presented below. You can thank us later.

Museums, movies, and theaters give serious discounts to students.

1. Apple

Students get $200 off computer purchases, and your fancy new laptop will come with an additional present: a $100 gift card to anything you want at the Apple Store. Time to download some new gym music. As if we didn’t already think this brand was cool.

2. Dell

We know, we know; the rivalry between Mac and Windows seems as divisive as the feud between the Lannisters and the Starks. For all you avowed Apple-ites out there, Dell has got some pretty good bargains too, though. If you buy a PC over $699, Dell will give you $200 off a cool new XBox. Talk about a way to become popular with your new roommates. Game systems are always a great way to make new friends. Your Dell will also be great for facebo -- I mean studying! I really do!

3. Microsoft

You’ll definitely need Microsoft Office at school (it has Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc.) and students can get it for a mere $140 as opposed to $220. We’ll take an $80 discount any day.

4. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is this totally cool service which includes free two-day shipping, the ability to borrow tons of books on your kindle (great for studying) and instant streaming of 41,000 movies and TV episodes. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Well, what's even more awesome is that if you sign up for Amazon Prime with your .edu address, you'll get six months free.

8 Discounts for College StudentsYour coveted ".edu" email address will open up a world of discount opportunities when you sign up for Amazon Prime.

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5. Student Advantage Card

Buying a Student Advantage Card costs $22 for one year and $10 more for additional years, but you’ll end up saving big if you work it right – flashing your card will get you discounts at companies like Amtrak, Greyhound, Armani Exchange, Target.com, and T-Mobile.

6. Back-to-School Shopping

Going away to college can be a great time to reinvent yourself. A new look can signify to the world that you've left your childhood behind and are ready to become an adult...or you can just keep buying rainbows and leggings. No pressure.

Regardless of what styles you're looking for, buying new clothes for school is a lot cheaper with your student I.D. card. Many stores like Forever 21, American Eagle, Hot Topic offer discounts to students. Make sure to ask what their discount policy is before you pay full price.

7. Museums, Movies and More

Most museums, movie theaters, and live theater locations give serious discounts to students, so always check what they’re offering. Oh, and plan your next dinner-and-a-movie date for Thursday – AMC gives discounted tickets to students every week on that day. Tu web Exclusiva con Cientos de Letras en Graffiti ,Descargalas Gratis y aprende Cómo hacerlas para Expresar tu Arte Urbano Letras en Graffiti Gratis | Descubre Todos los Estilos

8 Discounts for College StudentsThe Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles has a significant discount for college students. Just make sure not to forget your student ID!

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8. Newspapers

The New York Times gives students subscriptions for 50 percent off, and the Wall Street Journal offers students over 75 percent off the normal rate. You no longer have an excuse to use Jon Stewart as your sole source of new.

Pretty great savings, huh? You're welcome.

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