Career Change Options for Auto Workers

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  Career Change Options for Auto Workers

Taking classes helps offer new career opportunities.

March 06, 2014


Career Change Options for Auto WorkersYou’ve spent your whole career working on that auto assembly line, and now is the perfect time to try something new.
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The auto industry has taken a huge hit in this country with the recent economic downturn, but even if you’ve been given a pink slip, don’t think your skills can’t be used elsewhere. There are opportunities out there, and the addition of a few college courses or a new degree can turn your existing skills into a whole new career.

Career Training and Career Colleges Offer Hope

With auto workers looking at looming factory closures and the potential for pink slips instead of paychecks, it’s easy to feel discouraged. But instead of looking at this as the possible end of your career, think of it as the opportunity to take your existing skills in a whole new direction. Career training or career colleges offer you the chance to take what you already know and put it to new use. Do you know how to weld? Get your contractor’s license or electrician’s license at a career college, and you can start your own business. Or land a job at a large construction firm and become the foreman of a building project. If cost is an issue, look into financial aid options to take advantage of the money available in student grants and loans.

Think of all the skills you already have and all the new jobs you could have with those skills.

Online Degrees at Online Schools

Online courses at online schools offer another convenient way to take college or university classes. So you can take that Plumbing Technology/Plumber course on your schedule and at your speed rather than having to adapt to a classroom schedule. Also, instead of being limited to schools in your area, with online schools you can find a college or career program anywhere in the country that offers the credential, license or degree you want to get. Another benefit to online schools is the cost: It’s usually significantly less expensive to take online courses than classroom courses, even at the same school.

Starting on a New Road

You’ve spent your whole career working on that auto assembly line, and now is the perfect time to try something new. Think of all the skills you already have and all the new jobs you could have with those skills. Whether you want to build new houses, repair roads and bridges, make skyscrapers earthquake-proof … the opportunities are out there. With a little extra training through college classes, you’ll be ready to go!

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