Extracurricular Activities for Team Players

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  Extracurricular Activities for Team Players

Find great outlets for your team spirit with extracurricular activities like sports and drama.

By Ashley Henshaw | April 25, 2014


Extracurricular Activities for Team PlayersHigh school students at Bill Adams Freedom High react to the news that they've just been nominated for a national award.
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Some people are born to work with others. If you’re the type who loves collaborating, working with your peers and seeing results as a group, then joining team-oriented extracurricular activities is a smart choice for you. The following extracurricular activities will provide a great outlet for your indomitable team spirit while also giving you great experiences to add to your college applications.


One of the best extracurricular activities for a team player is a team sport. Your cooperative attitude is put to great use every time you hit the field or the court. It doesn’t matter what sport you choose; they all require a great deal of collaboration, communication and teamwork. As an added bonus, being a part of a sports team is often one of the most memorable parts of high school, as it can lead to close friendships and rewarding victories.

Sports also make a great extracurricular choice when it comes to applying for college. Admissions boards are well aware that participating in high school athletics requires a hefty time commitment and a skillful balancing act between school and sports. With other activities (like French club or student environmental alliance, for example), it’s not always apparent whether you spent 2 or 20 hours a month working with your group. With sports, there’s no question that you’re a committed, hardworking team player.

Extracurricular Activities for Team PlayersAll sports require a great deal of collaboration, communication and teamwork.

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High school drama productions make the most of team players year after year. Whether you audition to be a part of the cast or you participate as a member of the crew, everyone who helps to put on a play instantly becomes part of a team. The need to work together is great, especially since so many different elements (directing, acting, sets, costumes, lighting, etc.) have to come together to form a cohesive production. As opening night nears, your team player skills will be put to the test in the scramble to get everything just right. The payoff can be hugely rewarding when the crowd applauds and the cast and crew get together to celebrate after each performance.

Team players who lack stage fright are great candidates for the cast, while those who have art- or carpentry-related talents make wonderful crew members. Participating in some of your high school drama productions offers excellent teamwork experience, especially when it comes to organizing and communicating. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to show college admissions boards that you’re a team player with special talents in areas like acting, costuming or set building.


Similar to drama, music-related activities also offer a great outlet for collaborative types with a common interest. There are several options for music lovers to get involved in at school, including high school band, orchestra, glee club or choir. However, you can also take your talents outside of school by forming your own band or joining a music therapy volunteer group.

College admissions boards appreciate that playing an instrument or singing takes dedication and hard work. What’s more, working with a band or choir also shows that you can use your talents effectively in a team environment. You may even get regional or state honors that can be added to your college applications.

Extracurricular Activities for Team PlayersCollege admissions boards appreciate that playing an instrument or singing takes dedication and hard work.

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Newspaper or Yearbook

If you have a knack for writing or photography, then working with your high school’s publications is a great way to use your skills in a group setting. Just ask anyone who has worked on his/her school newspaper or yearbook before and you’ll find that it’s a highly collaborative effort. Whether you’re scrambling to meet a deadline or working to agree on a layout, you need to have excellent skills in communicating and cooperating to participate in these extracurricular groups. At some high schools, there are also student-run websites or TV programs that offer additional team player atmospheres for talented teens. Diets, plans and health

Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer or photographer, you can still sign up for these groups. Many students join without experience and learn as they go by shadowing upperclassmen. After a year or two in the group, you’ll even have a portfolio of writing, photography or design layouts that you can showcase during the college admissions process.

Fortunately for team players, the majority of traditional extracurricular activities have a group structure that lends itself to a team atmosphere. However, the carefully selected options listed here are particularly notable for requiring teamwork, collaboration and communication, which is great for developing your own skills and impressing college admissions boards.

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