Delaware Scholarships, Grants and Student Loans

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  Delaware Scholarships, Grants and Student Loans Delaware Scholarships, Grants and Student Loans

Check out Delaware financial aid programs to help fund your college tuition.


Delaware Financial Aid

Given its small size, there are only 25 college and universities in Delaware offered to its students. Despite this, 6.4% students in the state are enrolled in college, which is higher than the national rate. With so many of its residents attending higher education schools, Delaware offers a vast amount of student financial aid programs, such as scholarships, grants and student loans.

Delaware Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships exclusively for Delaware residents are an important part of the educational environment in Delaware. Use the Campus Explorer Scholarship Search to find exclusive Delaware scholarships.

The Delaware Higher Education Commission (DHEC) offers 23 various financial aid programs. Each are provided for Delaware residents pursuing a college degree in the state.

  1. Scholarship Incentive Program (ScIP): Available to full-time students in an undergraduate degree program at any non-profit accredited Delaware college or university. This scholarship is unique because it also extends funding to full-time students enrolled in a nonprofit, regionally accredited college anywhere in the United States, if the degree program is not offered at the University of Delaware, Delaware State University, or Delaware Technical & Community College. The award amount starts at $2200 and increases in increments by cumulative GPA.
  2. Educational Benefits for Children of Deceased Veterans and Others: Applicants between the ages of 16 and 24 who are the child of a member of the armed forces whose death was service-related, is being or was held as a prisoner of war, is officially declared missing in action, a state police officer whose cause of death was service related, or a state employee of the Department of Transportation who routinely works on the freeway and whose cause of death was job related.
  3. Governor’s Education Grant for Working Adults: A $2,000 scholarship for working adult students to attend one of the participating Delaware colleges or universities.
  4. B. Bradford Barnes Memorial Scholarship: A merit-based scholarship for high school seniors attending the University of Delaware who rank the upper quarter of their class in addition to having a combined score of 1800 on the SAT.
  5. Robert C. Byrd Scholarship: Eligible applicants are high school seniors enrolled full-time at a nonprofit, regionally accredited institution. They must rank in the upper quarter of their class or a received their GED with a minimum score of 300 and a combined score of at least 1800 on the SAT.
  6. Governor’s Education Grant for Unemployed Workers: Employees who have been laid off due to the current economic state are eligible to receive this grant that pays 80% tuition and fees at participating Delaware colleges or universities.
  7. Diamond State Scholarship: This scholarship awards $1,250 to approximately 50 Delaware students who ranked in the upper quarter of their class attending a degree program.

Scholarships from Delaware Colleges and Universities

If students still have difficulty finding enough money to fund their postsecondary education, often they may turn to their new college or university for scholarship opportunities. For example, the Delaware State University offers several scholarships to incoming and returning students. Applications for Delaware State University scholarships such as the Burk, Edwin M. Memorial Scholarship for band students can be filled out on their website. Delaware high school students who maintain good grades and stay out of trouble can attend the Delaware Technical College for free with their SEED Scholarship program.

The location of a college is just as important as the degree programs that it offers. For example, colleges in Delaware that are located in cities with a large number of colleges may have more financial aid opportunities available to its students. The top 5 cities in Delaware with the most colleges are Wilmington, Dover, Newark, Dagsboro and New Castle.

Other Scholarships for Delaware

  1. James A. McCarty Fellowship: Along with supporting Delaware humanitarians, the Delaware Lions Foundation provides scholarships to public high school seniors from Delaware. The James A. McCarty Scholarship form can be found on the website.
  2. Delaware Valley Legacy Fund: Five various merit-based scholarships offered to members of the Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender community. Each award amount varies.

Delaware Student Loans

The Student Loan Network of Delaware helps students receive federal and private aid in the form of student loans. The company also provides a student loan option for students attending schools that do not offer federal student loans.

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