Top Degrees for Military Students

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  Top Degrees for Military Students Top Degrees for Military Students

Learn about the most popular degree programs for military students and how they can help with your career.


If you’ve recently completed military service and are now enrolling in an undergraduate or graduate degree, one of the most important decisions you will make is choosing a college major. Deciding on a major is a difficult decision for any student, but as a veteran you will have gained experiences that may make your decision easier.

Think back to all of your experiences and training throughout your time spent in the military. Figure out what interested you, and see if there is a major and possible career that uses some of the applicable knowledge and skills you gained. In many instances, your military service will be a benefit when you are looking for jobs after college because your resume will include on-the-job experience.

Whether you are pursuing an undergraduate or a graduate degree, your military training may count as credit toward your degree. Before committing to a school or program, send a copy of your military record to find out how much credit you will receive.

Military Degrees

Here are some of the most common degrees earned by those with military experience. Military training will be accepted as credits in all of the following areas of study. This list may help shape your decision if you are having difficulty deciding on a major.

  • Engineering: If you are interested in a career in technology, you will most likely have done some work related to this subject while you were in the military. You will enter college with a bevy of on-the-job experience that most students will not have. Depending on what military branch you served in, your best fit could be in aerospace, mechanical or electrical engineering.
  • Military History: Military history is a great major for those who are passionate about tactics and strategy. Possible careers include historians, consultants and professors of military history. This degree can provide the background necessary for those looking to go back to the military as an officer.
  • Criminal Justice: Criminal justice degrees are ideal for students who are interested in law school. You may have learned some of the information covered in your coursework, and there are many career opportunities related to military law.
  • International Studies: Did you spend a portion of your service abroad and enjoy the experience? An international studies degree can prepare you for such careers abroad as diplomat, Foreign Service official or humanitarian relief worker.

Military Graduate Degrees

Once you have completed your undergraduate degree, these are some of the most common military graduate degrees for those who are continuing their educations.

  • Military History: If you are interested in becoming a professor of military history, you will need to continue your studies and get a PhD.
  • Business Intelligence: A master’s degree in business intelligence will usually coincide with an MBA program. You will use a lot of the decision-making technology prevalent in the military.
  • Homeland Security: A criminal justice undergraduate degree will prepare you for a homeland security graduate degree. This degree covers global issues, security and technology, and military management.
  • Emergency and Disaster Management: if you completed a degree in engineering and are looking for an alternative career, a degree in emergency and disaster management might be a good fit.

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