What Jobs are Available for Masters Degrees?

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  What Jobs are Available for Masters Degrees?


Find out what jobs are available for popular masters degree majors.

Business Administration and ManagementYou graduate from a masters degree in business administration and management (MBA) program with finance, accounting, marketing and other valuable management skills. If you specialized in a particular aspect of business, you may already know what type of career you want to pursue. However, you might be among those who are not. If this is the case, you may want to consider becoming an administrative service manager, advertising sales agents, budget analyst, chief executives, claims adjuster, examiner and investigator. Each of these positions requires a specific set of skills, so make sure you are aware of them before applying to a position. Health Services AdministrationYou can become a medical and health service manager! Educational Leadership and AdministrationStudents who graduate with a masters degree in educational leadership and administration have a career goal of becoming a principal, or curriculum and instruction coordinator. However, if these do not work out, try becoming a college education administrator, education administrator for elementary school or education administrator in pre-school or a child care center. AccountingDo you know what you want to do with your masters degree in accounting? Try becoming an administrative service manager, or a bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerk, brokerage clerk, financial analyst or financial manager. Adult and Continuing Education and TeachingYou can pursue a career as a criminal justice and law enforcement teacher, education administrator for elementary and secondary school, elementary school teachers, fitness trainers and aerobics instructors, or kindergarten teachers, except special education.Human Resources Management/PersonnelA masters degree in human resources management can help you get a job as an administrative service manager, advertising sales agent, chief executive, computer and information systems manager or a construction manager. You pick. The world is your oyster. Educational/Instructional Media DesignThis masters degree program prepares you to design media supplements for classrooms and corporate trainings. The skills learned in this graduate program include curriculum and instruction design, media arts, and how people learn. These skills may be transferrable to careers such as college education administrators, instructional coordinators or librarians. Teacher Education, Multiple LevelsThe advantage of earning a masters degree in teacher education in multiple levels is that you are qualified to teach in a variety of venues. Think about becoming an adult remedial education instructor, criminal justice and law enforcement teacher, education administrator, elementary and secondary school, elementary school teachers, fitness trainers and aerobics instructors. MarketingA masters degree in marketing is marketable to other careers, especially today. You can qualify to be an advertising and promotions manager, advertising sales agent, lodging manager, management analyst or a market research analyst. Public AdministrationYou could move into child, family and school social workers, marriage and family therapists, medical and public health social workers, probation officers and corrections specialists, administrative services managers. Computer and Information Science You could become a computer programmer, computer software engineer in applications, computer software engineer in systems software, computer and information scientists in research or a computer and information systems manager.Counseling PsychologyYou could become a child, family and school social worker, clinical, counseling and school psychologist, educational, vocational and school counselor, employee training and development specialist or an employment, recruitment and placement specialist. Todo sobre el Flamenco, biografias, tutoriales, historia, eventos... Todo sobre Flamenco

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What Jobs are Available for Masters Degrees?

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