Native American Scholarships

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  Native American Scholarships

See what types of grants and scholarships are out there for American Indians.


Native American Scholarships
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Native Americans have been historically underrepresented in colleges and universities. Many Native Americans attend accredited tribal colleges and universities, which offer access to higher education alongside the community, values, culture and language of native tribes.

Whichever college you hope to attend, the following organizations provide Native American scholarships to US institutions of higher education.

Whichever college you hope to attend, the following organizations provide Native American scholarships to US institutions of higher education.

Native American Scholarships

  • American Indian College Fund Scholarships

Award: Varies

Overview: The American Indian College Fund provides scholarships to both tribal schools and non-tribal schools and aims to increase awareness of the Native American community. They also provide opportunities for employment and internships.

Requirements/Eligibility: Eligible applicants are US Citizens who are registered as a member of a tribe or has a parent or grandparent who is registered with a tribe. A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required by all of their scholarships, though certain scholarships are more competitive. All students must apply online.

  • Indian Health Service (IHS) Scholarships

Award: Varies

Overview: Indian Health Service provides scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in programs for health professions such as nursing and pharmacy, pre-dentistry, pre-medicine or for students already enrolled in a medical program.

Requirements/Eligibility: Eligible applicants must be US Citizens who can prove descendent status of an American Indian tribe or Alaskan Native tribe. A 2.0 GPA minimum is required along with a faculty, employer or Tribal recommendation and a personal statement on career goals and reasons for seeking aid.

  • Association on American Indian Affairs (AAIA) Scholarships

Award: Varies

Overview: The Association on American Indian Affairs aims to promote and sustain Native American culture and language, protect sovereignty and human rights, and provides American Indians with scholarships funded entirely by individual donations.

Requirements/Eligibility: Eligible applicants are Native American or Alaskan Natives enrolled in their tribe and have at least 1/4 Indian blood by a federally recognized tribe. Applicants must be enrolled full-time both semesters at an accredited school pursuing an associate’s degree or higher. High school seniors through graduate and doctorate students are all encouraged to apply. Tino di Geraldo

  • American Indian Services (AIS) Scholarships

Award: Varies

Overview: American Indian Services assists Native Americans in hopes that they continue to make positive contributions to society without taking away the culture and heritage they come from. Their scholarships are offered four times a year.

Requirements/Eligibility: Eligible applicants have 1/4 Northern-Native American Indian blood and are enrolled at an accredited university, college, junior college or technical school. Applicants must be undergraduate students with less than 150 semester credits, at least part-time status and have a minimum GPA of 2.25.

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