Salary Guide: Automotive Service Technicians/Mechanics

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  Salary Guide: Automotive Service Technicians/Mechanics

By Ashley Henshaw


Salary Guide: Automotive Service Technicians/Mechanics
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Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics repair automotive vehicles. This excludes auto body, diesel, and electronic repairs. Nationwide there are over 580,000 Automotive Service Technicians who earn an average salary of $38,200.

Most employers give positions to Mechanics who have completed some postsecondary automotive technician training program.

Most employers give positions to Mechanics who have completed some postsecondary automotive technician training program. These programs are typically offered at technical, trade, vocational, or community colleges. High school training programs are also popular. Certification through the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is generally regarded as a standard for most Mechanics and Automotive Service Technicians.

Find out all about Automotive training programs in your area.

Salaries by State (mean annual wage)

Alabama: $34,320

Alaska: $51,870

Arizona: $38,110

Arkansas: $30,950

California: $42,690

Colorado: $40,010

Connecticut: $43,230

Delaware: $39,930

District of Columbia: $47,180

Florida: $37,550

Georgia: $36,010

Hawaii: $41,610

Idaho: $37,690

Illinois: $38,690

Indiana: $36,600

Iowa: $34,710

Kansas: $36,540

Kentucky: $30,810

Louisiana: $33,500

Maine: $35,750

Maryland: $43,320

Massachusetts: $43,110

Michigan: $39,290

Minnesota: $39,630

Mississippi: $30,960

Missouri: $35,640

Montana: $34,920

Nebraska: $34,880

Nevada: $40,850

New Hampshire: $40,060

New Jersey: $42,600

New Mexico: $34,530

New York: $37,930

North Carolina: $39,800

North Dakota: $33,960

Ohio: $35,350

Oklahoma: $33,170

Oregon: $40,020

Pennsylvania: $35,810

Rhode Island: $36,690

South Carolina: $35,000

South Dakota: $33,960

Tennessee: $35,120

Texas: $37,390

Utah: $40,300

Vermont: $34,650

Virginia: $41,480

Washington: $39,640

West Virginia: $27,320

Wisconsin: $38,350

Wyoming: $38,670v

Salaries for Top 20 Metro Areas (mean annual wage)

1. New York City: $40,970

2. Los Angeles: $38,390

3. Chicago: $41,330

4. Dallas – Forth Worth: $38,200

5. Philadelphia: $38,810

6. Houston: $39,120

7. Washington DC: $48,180

8. Miami: $38,310

9. Atlanta: $37,380

10. Boston: $45,100

11. San Francisco: $49,640

12. Detroit: $39,920

13. Riverside: $40,480

14. Phoenix: $38,770

15. Seattle: $40,430

16. Minneapolis: $42,900

17. San Diego: $43,980

18. St. Louis: $37,350

19. Tampa: $37,280

20. Baltimore: $43,190

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  • All statistics calculated by the US Department of Labor, May 2010.

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Salary Guide: Automotive Service Technicians/Mechanics

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