Family, Married, Graduate and Adult Housing Options

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  Family, Married, Graduate and Adult Housing Options

Colleges and universities offer housing option for all types of non-traditional students. Explore these options and how they differ between schools.


Not all students who need on-campus housing are incoming freshmen. In fact, a large number of students need what is called “adult housing.”

This category of campus housing includes specialized housing for graduate students, nontraditional students, married students and students with children.

Acceptance into an academic program does not always guarantee space in a certain kind of housing situation.

While many older students or those with families choose to live separately from campus, plenty need housing that offers a sense of independence but also provides easy access to campus facilities.

Graduate students spend a great deal of time on campus, so it helps to be close. Family-friendly housing is important many students with children to facilitate managing family life and education.

Adult and Graduate Housing Options

Adult housing options are slightly different and perhaps a bit more comfortable than traditional dorm living. Many of the housing options are off-campus, university-owned buildings that offer a wider range of apartment sizes, designs and rates.

At UCLA, graduate student University Apartments offer housing designed especially to meet the needs of undergraduate and graduate families, married students, single-parent students and same-sex domestic partners, as well as single graduate students. The university has four complexes located within five miles of campus and two complexes within walking distance to campus. Student family housing is reserved for married students, single parents, domestic partners and families only.

The University of Wisconsin system provides extensive housing opportunities for adult students who have a variety of living and family situations. University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh's Stewart Hall provides single-room occupancy for upper-division and graduate students. At UW - Superior, graduate students may live on campus at Ross Hall, which is reserved for nontraditional, married and graduate students.

At Texas A&M University, graduate students, married students, students with dependent children, international students, students who are US military veterans and students who are at least 21 may apply to live in any apartment complex within the University Apartments.

At the University of Memphis, Graduate and Student Family Housing is located on the University of Memphis - Park Avenue campus, one mile from the main campus. The residents comprise students, students' spouses and students' children. It is a community different from a typical apartment complex in that most residents are parents as well as students, and many are working full or part-time jobs.

Adult and Graduate Housing - No Guarantees

Acceptance into an academic program does not always guarantee space in a certain kind of housing situation. At New York University, graduate student housing is limited and there are never enough spaces to meet the complete needs of graduate students. At community colleges, such as Cascadia College, the housing department will refer adult students to outside housing recourses of homestay programs. No matter what school you attend, it is important to submit your application for housing as early as possible.

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Family, Married, Graduate and Adult Housing Options

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