What Online Courses Can Advance Your Career?

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  What Online Courses Can Advance Your Career? What Online Courses Can Advance Your Career?

Whether you are getting your first degree, or continuing your education, online schools have the courses you need to realize your professional goals.


Earning a higher degree online can be paramount to advancing any career. No longer do you have to take years off from work, or attend night classes in order to earn a first or second degree. With online courses you move at your own pace, which allows you to continue working at your current job and provide for your family.

Many online schools cut down on tuition fees because they do not have to charge for the cost of buildings for classrooms. In addition to the many loans and government grants, such as the Pell Grant, this makes returning to school a much more realistic option for people who do not believe they have the finances.

In some cases, your employer may pay for continuing your education. This is especially true if you are pursuing a degree in a subject that pertains to your current career. Your employer will see you as ambitious and will be more likely to consider you for a promotion if they know you are pursuing a bachelors, masters or professional certificate in your field.

In times of economic strain, those employees who lack a postsecondary degree and who have not received the most current training, are typically the first ones to get laid off. So, in addition to helping you get a promotion and increasing your salary, earning a second degree will help prove your worth to your employer. Your employer wants you to be the most up-to-date in your industries policies and practices in order to perform them with the most efficiency.

Beat the job competition in your field by earning your masters degree. Whether you are applying for a new job, or attempting to advance in your current career, a masters degree will increase your chances of attaining that job.

Online Masters Degrees

Chances are, you want to advance in your career because you know that today’s job market is increasingly competitive and many employers continue to value credentials over experience. Masters degrees are the most popular degrees that may advance your career as well as increase your salary. In fact, masters degree holders earn about $10,000 more annually than those with a bachelors degree.

For many careers, a masters degree is required for advancement to management, supervisory, administrative and research positions. This is because graduates from a masters degree program have a more specialized knowledge of their field, which allow them to better perform their jobs. Many employers favor applicants who hold masters degree, over those with a bachelors degree because an advanced degree proves that they are ambitious and committed to their career path. In addition, most professional licenses and certifications require continuing education in order to maintain your designation.

A masters degree, or professional certificate, in a different field can help you change careers. Many online masters degree programs prepare students for a smooth transition into their new career, providing them with all the necessary tools to take the plunge. Usually, the minimum entry requirements for a masters degree program involves having a bachelors degree in any field.

Online Masters Degrees to Advance Your Career

Elementary school teachers and secondary school teachers might advance their careers by earning a masters degree online in a variety of specializations, including curriculum and instruction, general education, early childhood education, secondary education and a variety of other majors. Specializing in one type of teaching may open up new employment opportunities as well as increase your salary.

Registered nurses and Licensed practical and vocational nurses may advance in their career by earning a masters degree in nursing, nursing science, or family practical nurse. These degrees are especially valuable to your career in nursing because you will have a better chance at earning a promotion, not to mention the fact that you will be given greater responsibilities which will mean helping and touching more patient’s lives. Nurses who obtain a masters degree have a better edge in the market, especially for jobs that are more competitive, such as those in private healthcare clinics that provide a more flexible schedule and less stressful environment.

Many administrative positions in healthcare encourage masters degrees for advancement, as healthcare employees should be constantly continuing their education to stay up-to-date on important medical findings. A masters degree in healthcare administration, health and medical administrative services and medical and health management are helpful for advancing an administrative position in healthcare.

Business degrees are the most popular sought after undergraduate degrees, and their popularity in masters degrees are only rising. It is common for those with a masters degree in business administration (MBA), or related field, to use their knowledge in order to start their own company, have a greater preference of the region or country of employment. Those who are not directly employed in business may also find an MBA, or other masters degree program, helpful in advancing their careers to supervisory or key management positions because employers value those applicants who have business training. Other masters degrees in business that may help advance your career include accounting and related services, marketing, finance, human resources management and business or managerial operations. Mamisetas - Calcetines-zapatos bebe Trumpette

Advancement in the computer programming, computer science and computer support services sectors often requires a masters degree, especially for management positions. Masters degrees that will help you move into a position with increased responsibilities include computer systems security; management information systems; information technology; computer and information sciences support services; system networking and LAN/WAN management; and computer systems technology.

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