6 Most Popular Colleges for Pre-Law Majors

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  6 Most Popular Colleges for Pre-Law Majors

Find out which colleges prepare the most students for law school.

By | July 23, 2013


Do you dream of going to law school? You may have your law school picked out already, but which colleges prepare the most undergraduate students for law school? Learn more about the most popular schools for pre-law majors, including what programs they offer and how much they cost per year.

6. Campbell University: $25,000

Located in Buies Creek, North Carolina, Campbell University is among the top choices for pre-law majors. At this school, students on the pre-law track tend to major in areas like economics, English, government and history. Campbell also has numerous clubs, organizations and personal advisors which help students get into the law school of their choice.

5. Northern Michigan University: $8,414 (residents), $13,142 (non-residents)

At Northern Michigan University (NMU), students can choose to pursue a pre-law minor within the political science undergraduate degree program. This minor includes courses in American government, the judicial process and an introduction to law. Advisors are also available to help students choose the appropriate courses to fulfill prerequisites for law school.

4. Utah State University: $5,931 (residents), $17,078 (non-residents)

Utah State University, which is located in Logan, actually offers an undergraduate degree in law and constitutional studies. This is an excellent choice for pre-law students since it places the emphasis of their undergraduate education on the law.

3. Barry University: $28,260

Barry University is unique in that it offers a pre-law major. The entire program is set up to prepare students for law school following their graduation. The degree includes concentrations in business, political science, philosophy and history along with internship opportunities.

2. Nova Southeastern University: $24,500

This private institution is located in Ft. Lauderdale and offers a legal studies major perfectly suited for pre-law students. What makes this a popular option is that qualified undergraduate students in the program can apply for early acceptance to Nova Southeastern’s Law School.

1. Michigan State University: $12,203 (residents), $31,148 (non-residents)

Located in East Lansing, Michigan State University has a popular pre-law track that is defined by the BA degree in humanities/pre-law. The program is designed to help prepare students for law school. In order to boost their law school applications, students are encouraged to select an emphasis within their major in another area to increase their breadth of knowledge. Que pasa si no pago a Vivus

Quick Facts

  • The ABA does not recognize any particular majors as required for law school admission. However, pre-law majors are encouraged to pursue a sound legal education along with core skills such as problem-solving, analysis, oral communication and critical reading.

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