Where Disney Heroes Should Have Gone to College

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  Where Disney Heroes Should Have Gone to College

Check out these schools to ensure your college search has a happy ending.

By Leland Montgomery | February 17, 2017


Where Disney Heroes Should Have Gone to CollegeIf you think about it, it seems like there are a few ivy league colleges cough -- Princeton -- cough -- Yale that may have been architecturally inspired by some of the Disney castles.
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If the heroes from your favorite Disney movies went to college, where do you think they would go? There must be some school where Hercules could learn how to become a hero back when he was a young zero. And, there’s definitely an institution where Mulan could learn how to become a strong leader capable of commanding an army.

Read on to find out where your favorite Disney good guys could have gone to college (you know, if they weren’t cartoons).

Check out these schools -- you never know where you might find magic.

Mulan: The United States Military Academy

Mulan could have learned a lot about leadership if she had attended the United States Military Academy at West Point (USMA). Not only would she have learned the battle skills necessary to defeat the Huns, she would have also felt totally comfortable in the co-ed military environment (she did manage to stay incognito for a while).

After graduating, Mulan would be fully equipped to follow her dream of leadership. With contacts, some time in the service and holding political office, she would surely become Secretary of Defense. Plus, the path from West Point to the White House is already well worn; two presidents, Ulysses S. Grant and Dwight D. Eisenhower, were West Point alumni.

Where Disney Heroes Should Have Gone to CollegeNot one for traditional gender stereotypes, Mulan would also be the first female member of the West Point Knight Caps -- the premiere glee club on campus.

Photo: Deviantart.net

King Louie: CUNY John Jay College

If King Louie from “The Jungle Book” really wanted to learn the secret to “Man’s red flower,” he would have to enroll in the fire science program at CUNY John Jay College. Since the school is located in the heart of Manhattan, Louie would be trading his tropical jungle for an urban one. He would also learn all the skills he would need to be a firefighter. CUNY is the only liberal arts school in the country with a forensic science concentration, which includes a top fire science program. CUNY also offers internships and job listings, so he’d be able to have his pick of jobs later, too.

WALL-E: University Of California, Santa Cruz

Wall-E's desire to clean up the planet and his sustainable post-apocalyptic lifestyle, would be a great fit for the University Of California, Santa Cruz. Not only do they have an excellent environmental studies department (perfect for any aspiring ecologist or conservationist), they also have a campus covered in trees and an observatory for those moments students want to check out the stars. Sounds like the ideal campus for the roving robot WALL-E.

Hercules: University Of Southern California

Hercules has the brains and brawn to attend a big name school with an epic football team, which is why the University Of Southern California would have been a fun place for him. With his demi god strength, he definitely would have been able to make the USC championship-winning football team. He’s the epitome of a Trojan, so there’s no doubt he would have become a football god and powerful part of the alumni network. Plus, Greek life is huge at USC. With all those Greek letters everywhere, Hercules would have felt right at home.

Where Disney Heroes Should Have Gone to CollegeThough Hercules would have a successful football career at USC, he would eventually retire his jersey and helmet to return home and help his father run the family business.

Photo: Deviantart.net

Remy: Le Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts in San Francisco

Remy, the whisk-wielding gourmand of “Ratatouille”, would fit right in at Le Cordon Bleu School Of Culinary Arts. The school was originally founded in 1895 in Paris, which means this tiny chef-hat-wearing rat would have paw up on his classmates given his training in a French kitchen. Or, he could move to an animal-friendly city like San Francisco, where the local Cordon Bleu campus offers day or evening classes and a range of scholarships. Mamisetas - Baberos y bodys

Buzz Lightyear: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Buzz Lightyear from “Toy Story” would have easily gone to infinity and beyond with his aerospace career after attending Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Over 30 astronauts graduated from MIT, including Buzz Aldrin in the 1960’s. This prestigious university is also home to MIT’s Space Propulsion Laboratory, an out of this world research facility for undergrad and graduate students. After getting a degree from MIT, there’s no telling which new part of the universe Buzz Lightyear would discover.

Milo James Thatch: Brown University

If Milo Thatch had attended college at Brown University, he might have gotten a little more support than he did from his supervisors at the Smithsonian in “Atlantis”. Brown has one of the oldest Classical Studies programs in the country and a first rate linguistics program -- basically everything he needs to find Atlantis and chat with the ancient civilization of people living there.

Where Disney Heroes Should Have Gone to CollegeBetween his classical studies lectures, Milo would also appear in a number of main stage shows through Brown University's theater department.

Photo: Deviantart.net

As you can see, you don’t need a fairy godmother to get into college, just some realistic options. Check out these schools -- you never know where you might find magic.

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