Career Prospects with a Certificate

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  Career Prospects with a Certificate

Learn about the exciting careers you can get after earning your certificate.


Career Prospects with a Certificate
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There are two types of certificate program students:

  • Already have a job and need to update or refine their skills.
  • Need career training to get an entry-level job or switch careers.

The latter are attending career college with the goal of finding a job after graduation.

It is a common mistake to believe that you need a degree to break into a career in business. There are several jobs that you can get after only 1 or 2 years of career training.

Figuring out which certificate program you want to enroll in can be a difficult decision. Many people know what industry they want to enter, but do not know exactly what career they want to do.

To help get your search started, here are some career options for some of the most in demand industries.

Health Care Careers

There are several careers in health care that only require a certificate for entry-level employment.

Those interested in nursing can become a nursing aide, orderly or attendant or a licensed practical and licensed vocational nurse.

If you want to work in health care, but aren’t interested in practicing medicine, consider getting a job in health care office support. There are several roles within this niche, including medical secretaries, medical transcriptionists, medical assistants and medical records and health information technicians.

Dental assistants and dental hygienists provide support to dentist during routine and surgical procedures. They may also handle the business aspect.

Health care technicians are needed to operate machines in diagnostic procedures. A few technician careers include occupational health and safety technicians, radiologic technologists and technicians, respiratory therapy technicians and emergency medical technicians and paramedics.

Legal Careers

Although lawyers get most of the credit, they could not do their jobs without their support team.

Legal secretaries keep a lawyer’s office running efficiently. They perform administrative and office duties. Legal assistants or paralegals differ from legal secretaries in that they aid lawyers in law research, preparing legal documents and client correspondance.

Court reporters are responsible for recording and then transcribing sessions in courts, hearings and other legal procedures.

Business Careers

It is a common mistake to believe that you need a degree to break into a career in business. There are several jobs that you can get after only 1 or 2 years of career training.

Real estate agents help clients find properties that best fit their needs and budget. A real estate certificate program prepares you to take the required state licensure examination after which you can become a practicing real estate agent.

With an executive assistant certificate, you can advance from an office assistant to an executive secretary or administrative assistant. This job includes more responsibilities and working more closely with the executives.

Technology Careers

There are several technology careers in IT that require a certificate for entry-level employment such as computer software engineer and computer support specialists. No dejare de amarte by kotan y lian

However, there are other careers in technology that incorporate other interests.

Architectural and civil drafters create drawings that detail the technical, material and procedural aspects of a building or structure. In a certificate program, you become trained on Computer Aided and Design and Drafting (CADD) software, mathematics, science and engineering technology.

Due to technical advances, library technicians spend less time organizing records than in the past. Now, their main duties include assisting patrons in finding books, replacing books and periodicals and checking for damages and repairs. They may also be in charge of maintaining audio and visual equipment.

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