Weird College Majors and Courses

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  Weird College Majors and Courses Weird College Majors and Courses

Some colleges have truly original course offerings and degree programs. Are you ready for a change from ordinary academics?


Everyone wants to go to college and get a degree, but not everyone wants to be an English Major or get their B.S. in Biology. For those students who like to make their own paths in life, you might want to take a look at some of the truly unique, or just plain weird, majors that are offered around the country.

Bowling Industry Management

Vincennes University- Vincennes, Indiana

Are you a bowling junkie looking to prove your hobby is worth it to unbelieving parents? Why not take courses to learn the inner workings of the machine that resets all your pins? You can also study bowling league development.

Bagpipe Performance

Carnegie Mellon University- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

If you’re interested in being a cut above the other bagpipe players on the block, there’s only one place for you. Carnegie Mellon has the nation’s only bagpipe major. It has been around since 1990 but has only graduated a handful of students. You might think it an unusual college major, but the people who go through it sure seem to love it.

Professional Nanny

Sullivan University- Louisville, Kentucky

The Professional Nanny major at Sullivan University prepares graduates for work in children’s hospitals, daycare centers and private residences. Imagine the fee for finding a babysitter with a degree in this field!

If you’re not interested in majoring in something wacky, but are still looking for unique class offerings, here are some individual classes you can find.

Maple Syrup

Alfred University- Alfred, New York

This class looks into the fascinating profession of making maple syrup. Apparently, not much has changed, in terms of technique, for a long time.

Arguing with Judge Judy

UC Berkeley- Berkeley, California

Pop culture classes are another interesting and common way to get your unusual college class fix. This class is a look at logical fallacy as presented in the TV show Judge Judy. UC Berkeley seems pretty revolutionary in their class listings because they also have a philosophy class devoted to The Simpsons and a class on the art of war as taught through the computer game Starcraft.

The great thing about college is that you can study whatever you piques your interest. Your coursework can be an amazingly personal thing and something you’re passionate about. Many universities offer independent studies and even work with students to design their own concentrations and degrees if the students are unhappy with what is offered. College is a time of personal growth, and at some schools, a time for learning about weird things.

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Weird College Majors and Courses

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