Job Search Checklist: The Job Search Process Start to Finish

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  Job Search Checklist: The Job Search Process Start to Finish

Check out these job search steps and find out exactly what you need to do to find a new job.


Use the following job search checklist to get you through the job search process into the land of the employed. No matter how much experience you have, job hunting is a difficult process. You can also create your own job search checklist to make sure you have a thorough outline for success.

New grads can use these checklists to understand the job search process, and long-time employees seeking new work can use them as a guide to make sure they haven’t skipped any job search steps. The most important rule is to stay positive and focused. It may be tough, but hard work is the key to finding a job.

Make sure to stay positive and focused during your job search.

Your Job Search Checklist:

Step One: Start your job search checklist with you.

___ Make a list of your interests, strengths and skills.

___ Make a list of your academic, volunteer and work experience.

___ Write a brief statement explaining why you are an excellent worker.

Step Two: Figure out where you want to work.

___ Write down a few jobs or careers you would enjoy.

___ Write down ten companies that you would enjoy working for in those fields.

___ Know what kind of job you’re qualified for: entry-level, management, skilled work, etc.

___ Know your limits: salary requirements, geographic location, hours, etc.

Step Three: Get everything you need for an interview.

___ Use the lists you made in step one to make a resume.

___ Use the lists you made in step one to write a basic cover letter.

___ Find three people who can be your references.

___ Plan answers to common interview questions or attend a mock interview.

___ Have at least one very nice, professional-looking “interview” outfit.

___ Create a short speech designed to sell yourself to employers.

___ Make sure your voicemail message and email address are both professional.

Step Four: Search for jobs!

___ Make specific searches for work online using job search engines.

___ Upload your resume with job search engines online.

___ Go to local places of employment and drop off a resume and cover letter.

___ Seek out career fairs and company recruiters.

___ Use your friends or network of contacts to search for employment.

___ Follow-up on every job you find as soon as possible.

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Step Five: Be proactive.

___ Tailor your resume and cover letter to each job you submit them for.

___ Always call employers for an interview after submitting your resume and cover letter.

___ Always call or email employers just to say thank you after an interview.

___ Consult your job search checklist frequently to make sure you are staying on track.

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Job Search Checklist: The Job Search Process Start to Finish

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