Bachelor’s Degree in Business

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  Bachelor’s Degree in Business

Looking for a career in business? Find out what a bachelor’s degree can do for you.


Bachelor’s Degree in Business
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It is no surprise that business is one of the most popular majors in the country considering that knowing the basics of national and international business is essential for so many jobs.

Whether you want to be an accountant, work in marketing or start your own business, a bachelor’s degree in business may be the first step toward reaching your career goal.

With a Bachelor's in Business Administration, you can specialize in anything from finance to real estate.

Adults returning to college are often looking for a degree that can help them get ahead in the job market. Which majors in business are the most in demand in the industry?

BBA or Specialized Degree?

Most Bachelor’s in Business Administration degrees are separated into two portions. The first part of the program is designed for students to build a basic knowledge of business practices. After students have satisfied these requirements, they focus on advanced courses specific to their major.

With a Bachelor's in Business Administration, you can specialize in anything from finance to real estate. If you choose not to specialize, you will graduate with a broader understanding of business, but may have a more difficult time finding a job without specialized experience.

Specialized degrees such as a bachelor’s degree in accounting are also available. They provide more courses that are related to the major. Both degrees are good options if you want to get into business.

Accounting Degrees

Accounting is a career with many opportunities, especially for people who have at least a bachelor’s degree and hold the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) license. Because of frequent inquiries into business finances, accountants are in high demand, and the industry is expected to grow by 22 percent through 2018.

Based on a student survey conducted by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the top three schools for undergraduate degrees in accounting are:

Marketing Degrees

If you’re looking to enter the marketing field quickly, you should consider getting a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Every business needs to market their services or products, so marketing researchers and marketing managers are in high demand.

Most Bachelor's in Business Administration programs and specialty bachelor’s degree in business programs include a case study in which students complete real-world problems that will prepare them for the business workplace. The trend in business school recently has moved away from theory and more toward practical skills that can be used in the workforce immediately.

What’s Next: MBA Degrees

MBA (Master of Business Administration) degrees are advanced degrees in the field of business that can open the doors to positions in management. As a general rule, you will need an undergraduate degree to be eligible for admission to an MBA program. However, your undergraduate degree does not necessarily have to be in business for admission to an MBA program. Cuantos kilos me sobran

Many people receive their undergraduate degrees then gain several year of work experience before applying for MBA programs.

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