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  The Best College Dorms The Best College Dorms

Which colleges and universities have the best dorms? Find out here, plus how great residence halls can add to your college experience.


The mention of a college dorm elicits mixed emotions. While students may be happy to break free from home, dorm life doesn’t usually come with many of the perks that living with your parents does.

But living in the dorms does have certain advantages. Before you head off to college, consider the best college dorms and why they top the list.

Best College Dorms Overall

Time magazine has ranked Georgia State University as having the best dorms in the country overall, followed by University of Missouri – Columbia, Winona State University, Loyola University in Maryland and California State University – Fullerton. What makes these the best college dorm rooms? Here's a look at what each school offers:

Georgia State University: "You have your own bedroom and you share a nice kitchen with the few bedrooms that are attached."

University of Missouri-Columbia: Some dorms offer large spaces, while others offer suite-style living.

Winona State University: Students say, "I loved living here! Although it is quite old, having a sink in the room is awesome and the location is great!"

Loyola University in Maryland: Dorms have been described as palatial, giving students the opportunity to choose from double rooms, suites, and apartments.

California State University-Fullerton: Dorms are located in close proximity to all of the campus action.

College Dorm Life

Schools try to make college dorm living the best possible experience by upgrading facilities and offering various living arrangements. Many colleges offer suite-style living in which students share a bathroom with other students, but have their own private room, or only one roommate. Other upgrades may include air conditioning and kitchen appliances within dorm suites.

Some students feel that living off-campus may be a cheaper alternative to dorm life, but on-campus housing is sometimes included in scholarship or loan funds. Dorms may also include meal plans or other add-ons that make living in a dorm the best financial option.

What Makes the Best Dorms

Although some students feel overwhelmed at the thought of sharing space with other students, living in a college dorm can often be an enriching experience. Many schools offer dorms based on shared interests and activities, such as multiculturalism.

Other common interests may include socializing. Indiana University -Bloomington's Briscoe-Shoemaker is at the top of the list for college dorms that like to party, followed by University of Pennsylvania's Riepe College House, Winona State University's Lucas Hall and Northwestern University's Bobb-McCulloch.


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