15 Ridiculous College Mascots

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  15 Ridiculous College Mascots

If you're looking for a laugh or an eye roll, these college mascots will do just the trick.

By | August 27, 2013


We totally dig these mascots' schools, but we can’t help but have a good belly laugh looking at them, too. For those with a sense of humor, these schools might just be the right place for you.

College mascots are meant to stand for the strength of their team, intimidate their opponents, and generally shine a good light on the school that they’re representing. The following mascots aren’t accomplishing any of that – instead, they’re doing a good job of being funny and kind of ridiculous.

We totally dig these mascots' schools, but we can’t help but have a good belly laugh looking at them, too. For those with a sense of humor, these schools might just be the right place for you.

1. The Fighting Okra

For some reason Delta State University decided that the okra (a flowering plant, that’s also a gooey veggie) deserved to be brought to life in the form of their mascot. There’s a website called Fear the Okra that shares hear-say about the mascot, including rumors like it “has never been seen smiling” and “has no fear of hot grease or boiling water.” Nice try, Delta, but we’re not quite shaking in our boots yet. Maybe he has a slimy defense?

2. Big Red

As a writer for The New York Times put it, Big Red, who made his debut in 1979 at Western Kentucky College, “ambles around like a portly college student who drained too many 16 oz. plastic Solo cups at a kegger.” Sounds about right, though, not real intimidating.

3. Scrotie

Once you get over the shock of this actually being a real thing, get this: Rhode Island School of Design’s Scrotie even underwent “plastic surgery” in 2010, making his originally tan skin blue and yellow in an effort to be “race blind.” Yup, that’s an arts school for you.

5. Otto the Orange

In the early 1980’s, Otto the Orange was chosen as Syracuse University’s mascot, not because oranges are pertinent to the landscape of Upstate New York (hint: they’re not), but because the other options were The Abominable Orangeman and a penguin wearing an orange scarf. Sounds like the voting committee at Syracuse did the best that they could with a bad situation.

6. Cayenne Pepper

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette calls themselves the Rajin’ Cajuns; thusly, it makes sense that their mascot is a red pepper named Cayenne…we guess. Even though it was voted one of the best college football mascots by Yahoo, we can’t help but just want to fry it up alongside some breaded chicken. Is that bad?

7. The Geoduck

There are plenty of reasons why actual geoducks are impressive: they’re the largest burrowing clam in the world, and they have a lifespan of up to 150 years. Somehow, though, Evergreen State College’s mascot version of them is, well…less than impressive.

8. The Battling Bishops Ohio Wesleyan

As absolutely ridiculous as this mascot is, maybe Ohio Wesleyan University is onto something – this bishop looks mad enough to send his opponents to hell, which isn’t the worst way to intimidate your adversaries.

3. The Tree

Stanford University’s mascot used to be the Indian, but it was changed to the Tree in 1975 for the sake of political correctness. Other options up for consideration were a steaming manhole and a giant French fry, so...we guess you picked well, Stanford?

9. The Billiken

If you’re trying to figure out what a “billiken” is, don’t even bother – Saint Louis University doesn’t seem to understand it either. Based off of appearances, we’re guessing he’s a creepy elf who died and came back as a ghost. Weird choice, St. Louis. Weird choice. Pilar Astola

11. Peter the Anteater

Anteaters are notoriously ugly animals, and the University of California at Irvine’s mascot version is no exception. He’s probably the only ant-eating, long-tongued mammal on Twitter though, so…that’s something.

10. Brutus

For such a serious football team, Ohio State University sure does have a mascot that’s hard to take seriously. He looks like Family Guy’s Stewie Griffin if Stewie had a gigantic chinstrap and unforgivably large sideburns. Interesting choice, Ohio.

12. WuShock

The Wichita State University Shockers apparently got their name in 1905 when many of their players used to harvest (or “shock”) wheat during the off season. This is no longer relevant in 2013, so WuShock, who’s literally just a bundle of wheat, looks quite silly indeed.

13. Sammy the Banana Slug

The University of California at Santa Cruz is known for its hemp-wearing, environment-loving student body, so we guess it comes as no surprise that they were choosing between the banana slug and the sea lion as a mascot in 1986. Could you have narrowed it down to two less appealing animals, Santa Cruz?

14. The Fighting Pickle

As is the case with many of these mascots, the most embarrassing thing about the University of North Carolina School of the Arts’ mascot is that the student body actually voted it in. We hope they were going for “cheesy” because their Fighting Pickle won a Cheetos contest for the “cheesiest college mascot” in 2012.

15. The Blue Blob

Xavier University’s rationale behind introducing the Blue Blob in the late 80’s was to provide a kid-friendly mascot in addition to their other mascot D’Artagnan (who’s a French Musketeer.) That’s a nice sentiment and all, but really – of all the choices for a mascot sidekick, picking a blob kind of feels like a missed opportunity, don’t you think, Xavier?

Next time you’re having a really bad day, just think: at least I’m not wearing a one of these costumes! Works every time, trust us.

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