Earning an Online Master's Degree in Business Administration and Management

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  Earning an Online Master's Degree in Business Administration and Management

Everything you need to know about getting an online master's degree in business administration and management.


Earning an Online Master's Degree in Business Administration and Management
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Overview of Online Master's Degree Programs in Business Administration and Management

Every type of business, regardless of size, needs managers to oversee employees. An online master's degree in business administration and management (MBA) prepares students for a career in top management, such as general and operations managers, marketing managers, training and development managers, public relations managers, financial managers, advertising and promotions managers and more. MBA’s are the most popular master's degree to pursue right now, as they provide students with a deep knowledge of the business industry. Applicants with higher education on their resumes are becoming increasingly valued by employers who need employees that have up-to-date and fresh perspective in business.

This program typically takes between two and three years to complete, depending on if you are attending full-time, part-time or are enrolled in an accelerated course. Many students pursuing their online MBA already have at least a few years of experience in the business sector. These students want to return to school in order to improve their chances of earning a promotion and increasing their salary potential. Some students complete this degree to break into a new career. Other people have an entrepreneurial spirit and are using their degree to start their own business or invest in other businesses.

Each course in your online MBA program will provide you with the knowledge necessary to handle real-world business and management situations.

Applying to an Online Master's Degree Program in Business Administration and Management

Before applying to business school, you must first have a bachelor's degree before applying to an online MBA program. It is not necessary that you have bachelor's degree in business, but it will increase your chances of being accepted to a program. However, if you do not you should have some business work experience even if it is just an internship. At the very least you should take a few business courses in college, as many programs offer courses that require you to already have knowledge on specific business information.

Not all graduate programs have the same admissions requirements. However, there are common materials that most admissions committees will request such as your college transcripts, a personal statement, two to five letters of recommendation, and your Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) score. Most MBA programs require students to have earned a 3.0 GPA in college, however you may be able to find a program with a lower GPA requirement.

How to Choose a Business Administration and Management Online Master's Degree Program

The type of online MBA management program that you pursue will depend how much business experience you have. Some programs are designed for students who are proficient in business, while other programs are catered towards students with little business knowledge. This is good news for recent college graduates who are certain that they want to go to business school. If you don't have much job experience, you should find a program that provides an internship experience.

Check to see if your online school offers credit for internships. Completing an internship for a company in a field similar to the one you want to transfer to after graduation is especially important for students who are attending a traditional MBA program because it will provide you with the hands-on experience employers will look for when you start applying to jobs.

You need to decide whether you want to attend a program that follows traditional teaching techniques or a case-study lecture model. The traditional method of teaching provides students with a strong knowledge on theory and mostly takes place in the classroom. In the case-study method students are separated into groups and provided case examples, or problems that managers encounter in the workplace, which they must solve together.

Both types of program structures benefit different careers. For example, a program based in theory is helpful for student who plan on earning their doctorate degree in business to become a researcher or professor. The case-study method is great for students who plan on getting a career as a top manager.

Not all online MBA and management online programs are offered 100% through the internet. Some programs have residency requirements in which students must attend part of their courses on campus. This requirement may last as short as a few days, or as long as a few semesters. Or, you may choose a program with a blended format, which combines classroom and online education. If you choose a program with residency requirements, make sure that you can realistically fulfill them.

What to Expect in an Online Master's Degree Program in Business Administration and Management

Not all online master's degree programs in business administration and management programs have the same curriculum. However, students graduate from each program with a fundamental knowledge in finance, accounting, marketing, economics and human resources. A general curriculum will include courses such as, global financial management, business law, strategic management, investing in new ventures, computer applications, human resources, etc. Blog sobre la farm y el Ajedrez, noticias, curiosidades, guias, como jugar Blog sobre Ajedrez

Each course in your online MBA program will provide you with the knowledge necessary to handle real-world business and management situations. In order to learn this, you will be working on presentations, group reports and assignments. Case studies are also an important aspect of business schools as they provide students hands-on experience in management situations. Networking is a big part of an MBA program, and some people might be worried that they will not have the opportunity to do so in an online program. However, you can still form bonds with classmates during group projects and in the chat forum.

In online graduate school, your lectures are delivered either through a live recording, a pre-recorded video, or in written form. Your program may even use a combination of all three. In addition, some schools have students purchase textbooks, while other schools make the material available for online download.

Most online programs offer students the opportunity to complete a thesis or a non-thesis program. Students who choose the non-thesis are able to graduate after completing their classes, and possibly taking an exit exam. Those who choose the thesis option must complete a thorough research paper on a topic of their choice. The thesis must be approved by a committee before you can earn your MBA.

Top 10 Online Grad Schools for a Master's Degree in Business Administration and Management

  1. University of Phoenix - Online School
  2. American InterContinental University - Online School
  3. Colorado Technical University - Online School
  4. Saint Leo University Online
  5. Jones International University - Online
  6. Northcentral University - Online School
  7. San Joaquin Valley College - Online
  8. Kaplan University - Online School
  9. DeVry University - Online School
  10. Ashford University - Online

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