7 Very Generous Scholarships

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  7 Very Generous Scholarships

These incredibly charitable organizations offer big awards to the right applicants.

By Ashley Henshaw | February 17, 2017


7 Very Generous ScholarshipsEach of the Buick Scholarship recipients is awarded up to $25,000 per year.
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Sometimes applying for scholarships can seem like a ton of work for only a small amount of money. If you’re someone who likes to shoot for the stars, then consider applying for one of these large college scholarships. With payouts of up to $125,000, earning one of these awards can be truly life-changing.

If you’re eligible for any of the scholarships listed here and you’re concerned about paying for college, take the time to apply.

1. Buick Achievers Scholarship Program

If you’re a stellar student with big dreams for the future, check out the Buick Achievers Scholarship Program. First-time freshmen and existing college students are welcome to apply for this incredibly generous scholarship. In order to be eligible, students need to plan to major in a course of study focused on engineering or technology with an interest in pursuing a career in the automotive or related industries. There are also a few select business and design majors approved for eligibility. Each recipient is awarded up to $25,000 per year, and because this scholarship is renewable for up to four years for traditional programs or five years for qualifying engineering programs, the maximum award amount actually amounts to a whopping $125,000.

2. Siemens Math, Science and Technology Award Scholarship

Are you a high school student who excels in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields? Then you may want to take part in the Siemens Competition in math, science and technology. This competitive program challenges students to come up with innovative research projects in one of these fields. Students can enter the competition individually or as part of a team. Winning projects are awarded scholarships that range from $1,000 to $100,000.

3. National Institutes of Health (NIH) Undergraduate Scholarship Program

The NIH Undergraduate Scholarship Program gives students from disadvantaged backgrounds the chance to excel in biomedical, behavioral and social science health-related fields. Each recipient is awarded $20,000 per academic year with the option to renew for up to four years, bringing the maximum award amount up to an amazing $80,000. But the program doesn’t stop there. Students selected also get to participate in paid scientific research at the NIH over the summer and are guaranteed paid training and employment at the NIH after they graduate. In order to be eligible, students need to be interested in one of the scientific fields mentioned, maintain a GPA of 3.3 or better and demonstrate exceptional financial need.

4. Harry S. Truman Scholarship

If you’re a college junior with an interest in public service, government, nonprofit or advocacy work, consider applying for the Harry S. Truman Scholarship. This highly competitive, merit-based scholarship awards each Truman Scholar with up to $30,000. These funds are to be applied toward graduate study in the U.S. or abroad in one of the aforementioned fields. In addition, Truman Scholars also get access to exclusive programs to further their education and career, such as Truman Scholars Leadership Week and the Truman Fellows Program.

7 Very Generous ScholarshipsEach Truman Scholar is awarded with up to $30,000 a year.

Photo: Uchicago.edu

5. Talbots Women’s Scholarship Program

The Talbots Women’s Scholarship Program is offered by the Talbots Charitable Foundation. This scholarship program is available for women who are returning to college later in life (at least 10 years after earning a high school diploma or GED). The top application will receive the Nancy Talbots Scholarship Award (named in memory of the business’ founder) in the amount of $30,000. In addition, 30 scholarships of $5,000 will be awarded. Only the first 5,000 eligible applications are processed, so be sure to apply to this scholarship program promptly after the program opens each year (typically in late November).

6. Matthews & Swift Educational Trust Scholarship

Losing a parent is tragic, and it can also make it more difficult to face the reality of college expenses. The Knights of Columbus offers this generous scholarship for the children of their members who have died while serving in the military or working as a firefighter or law enforcement officer. This scholarship is also available to children of Knights of Columbus members who became disabled during their military service. Each student can be awarded up to $25,000 to cover tuition expenses (the scholarship does not cover other expenses like room and board, books, fees, etc.).

7. Dell Scholars Program

The Dell Scholars Program gives students with financial need an excellent opportunity to help fund their college education. Students must participate in an approved Dell Foundation college readiness program in grade 11 or 12 and demonstrate their need for financial assistance in order to be eligible. In addition, the Dell Foundation considers personal factors when choosing recipients, including a student’s ability to overcome hardships, determination to succeed and future goals. The scholars program includes a $20,000 award. However, each recipient also receives technology (like notebook PCs), resources (like textbook credits), mentoring services and access to a private scholar networking community throughout their college years.

If you’re eligible for any of the scholarships listed here and you’re concerned about paying for college, take the time to apply. Though these awards are generally very competitive, the potentially huge payoff makes it worth the effort to apply.

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